Capturing PMO Vision

Capturing the PMO vision and mission allowing definition of design principle

Post explaining how to capture PMO Vision and Mission so that it can be translated into design principles for your PMO. Includes an example worksheet,

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Steps to translate objectives to smart objectives

Define PMO objectives and translate to SMART objectives

In the last post, Defining objectives for a PMO to help the sponsor measure success, it provided and overview of how to define objectives to help the sponsor understand the value provided by a PMO.  The post included a simple action plan covering the important points. This post will expand on the first 2 points…

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Example project cost trend analysis template

Example of simple PMO cost trend analysis tool

The last post, How a PMO can use cost trend analysis to identify project budget under and overruns, it covered how using cost trend analysis can help a PMO quickly identify where there may be budget issues.  This post will cover a simple approach that can be used to conduct this analysis. Objective The objective…

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Conducting a project close review

Project review at close of project

The last couple of posts have been covering the topic of project reviews and how the output can help improve the outcomes of other projects across an organisation (or even later phases of the same project).  When to conduct a lessons learned review focused on the different points where you can conduct a review.  By…

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Project team deciding when to run a lessons learned review

When to conduct a project lessons learned review

The last post, Project and PMO Lessons Learned Overview, provided an overview of the project lessons learned review process.  This post and future posts will go into more detail on the different aspects of the process.  I also would like to state that I will highlight where there are differences with PMO lessons learned.  However,…

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Conducting PMO lessons learned review

Project and PMO lessons learned overview

If all goes well, a project should eventually come to an end, hopefully with a positive outcome.  However, even though all the project deliverables are complete and the product, process, platform, etc is now handed over into business as usual, there is still a very important project tasks to be completed before the project can…

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Taking on a new PMO role

The last post, PMO Handover Plan, covered the importance and key elements of transferring the running of the PMO when you are in the process of moving to a new role.  Therefore, it is logical to cover the steps to take when you take-on a new PMO role. Overview of PMO Make sure you have…

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PMO handover plan

It is highly likely that at some part of your career, you will decide to move roles (either internally or externally).   While you will be very excited and focused on what the new opportunity will bring, you will also need to consider how you will complete a seamless handover of your current role.  In this…

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PMO project dashboard

At times it can be very confusing about the definition and purpose of the many tools and templates used in project management.  Therefore, building on the last post that covered PMO Reporting Framework, this post will cover the PMO Project Dashboard. What is a PMO Project Dashboard? This is typically a summary of all of…

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Project management office deployment checklist

In order to deploy / implement a project management office, you need to have a structured approach to ensure that all the right steps are completed when required.  If not there is a risk that an important step will be missed that will then impact the roll-out of the PMO.  Not the first impression you…

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