Making a project decision

When making the wrong project decision is right!

Each and every day we have to make hundreds of decisions.  What shirt to wear? To have toast or cereal for breakfast?  Buy a new car? Buy a new house? Propose and get married? Some decisions could be made every day or even many times a day.  Some, like getting married, may be only once…

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Top PMO Tool

What is the “Number 1” PMO tool?

So, if I was to ask you what is the number one, must have, PMO tool?  What would your answer be? Project templates? MS Project / Clarity? Project methodology? Something else? These are all good answers.  However, they are not THE ANSWER.  The number one, must have, can not do without PMO tool is…………..People! A…

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PMO induction meeting

PMO Induction – What to include in the pack

Following on from the post that provided and introduction to the PMO Induction process.  This post will build on this by going into more detail of what components should be included within a PMO Induction pack. PMO Induction Pack This is typically a presentation that provides all of the information that a new recruit will…

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New employee going through PMO induction

PMO Induction Process Overview

The most important ingredient to a project or PMO is the people.  Without the right mix and number of resources, the project will not be a success. It is because of this, many organisations invest a lot of time and effort in identifying, interviewing and recruiting the right resources for the task.  It can often…

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PMO Maturity Assessment Framework

Launch: PMO Maturity Assessment Framework inc Templates

The last 5 posts covered the topic of Project Management Office (PMO) maturity.  This mini series covered the required steps to set-up and execute a PMO maturity assessment so that the current and target level of maturity can be determined.  Then with this information, the approach to identify the gaps and then create an action…

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PMO Maturity Action Plan Register

PMO Maturity: Identifying improvements and creating action plan

This is part 4 in the series of posts about how to complete a PMO Maturity Assessment so as to identify areas of improvement for your PMO.  The objective being to improve the maturity of your PMO. The last 3 posts covered:  Understand the current maturity of your PMO  Guide to plotting the current maturity…

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Example of current V target PMO maturity level report

PMO Maturity: Capturing the desired / target maturity level for your PMO

This is the 3rd post in the the 4 part series that is covering the concept of PMO maturity.  The previous posts being: Understand the current maturity of your PMO Guide to plotting the current maturity of your PMO This post is going to cover how you set about, capture and plot the desired /…

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Example of PMO Maturity Dashboard

PMO Maturity – Guide to plotting the level of your PMO maturity

This is the 2nd post in the 4 part series covering the steps involved in measuring and improving the maturity of your PMO. The last post covered Understanding the current level of PMO maturity.  The primary focus being on the approach and tools for data capture so as to be able to complete the assessment.…

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PMO Maturity Data Capture Template

PMO Maturity: – Understand the current maturity of your PMO

In the last post, I covered an overview of how to assess the maturity of your PMO. The reason being that by understanding the current maturity level of your PMO and the desired / required level, this allows you to identify areas for improvement and pro-actively improve. Over the next 4 posts I want to…

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PMO maturity model by PM Majik

Overview of project management office (PMO) maturity model

If you are involved in setting up or running a project management office there comes the point when you have implemented the PMO and you move into business as usual (BAU).  Now after all the hard effort to set-up the PMO you may think that you are “done”.  However, the reality is the journey has…

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