Are you ready for 2018?

It is now 2 weeks until the end of 2017 and the start of 2018.  Perhaps like me, you have reflected on what you have achieved this year and reviewed against what you had hoped to achieve.  You can see my thoughts on progress in 2017 in my post PM Majik End of Year Review…

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Using a project roadmap to review status

6 ways to use a project roadmap

If you have been following the latest series of posts on Project Roadmaps, you should now have: A good overview of project roadmaps Know how to create a project roadmap How to design an effective project roadmap Now, designing a project dashboard is all well and good.  The BIG question is “what to do with…

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Example of simple project roadmap

Project roadmap design tips

In the last post, it covered the steps required to define the data and create a project roadmap.  Unfortunately accurate data is only part of the story.  You can have the best information available and an important message.  However, if the design is not good, making the data difficult to understand or, even worse, it…

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Example of a project roadmap

How to create a project roadmap

The last post provided an overview of Project Roadmaps and why they are a very useful tool.  This post is going to provide an easy to follow guide on how to create a project roadmap. Roadmap Tool / Software While there are many good tools for creating project roadmaps, the good news is that it…

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Team creating project roadmap

Overview of Project and Programme Roadmaps

A project or programme is created due to a specific need to achieve an outcome.  The outcome is the purpose, the need, the objective that needs to be met. Projects can take many forms from simple fixes / enhancements to existing processes / platforms or the implementation of something new and innovative. In all cases…

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Project team prioritising using forced rankings

Project Prioritisation: Using forced rankings

Following on from the last post, Overview on securing continued project funding.  In this post I want to cover the tool that a PMO or organisation can use to help prioritise project demand when the demand far exceeds the supply and / or budget. Challenge – too much project demand Not unless you work for…

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Project Milestone Reporting Routine

The last couple of posts focused on how the correct use of project milestones can help tell the story of the project.  This has the added benefit that the sponsor and stakeholders will have confidence that the correct progress is being made.  Take a look at Project Milestones: Using Outcomes to Tell the Story and…

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Guide to project milestone levelling

The last post provided a useful overview of how identifying the correct milestones and making sure that they are written using outcomes, allows for the story to be told to sponsors and senior management.  You can read the post, Using Outcomes to Tell the Story, by clicking the link. The first step in the process…

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Project Milestones: Using outcomes to tell the story (inc FREE Template Download)

Project planning can be a difficult process, especially in the early stages when the analysis and business requirements have not been completed.  Therefore, it is little surprise that most project managers are happy, even relieved, when they have a first draft plan. However, in many cases what was captured as the original name / description…

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Project Book of Work Template Download

Over the last 3 posts, the topic of capturing and mobilising a Project Book of Work have been covered.  To conclude this series, I am pleased to announce that this post provides a Project Book of Work Template that you can download for free as part of this post! Overview The Project Book of Work…

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