Purpose Project Charter

What’s the Purpose of a Project Charter?

A guide to 4 reasons for why your Project Management Office needs to ensure every project has a Project Charter.

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PMO Service Offering

The Services You Can Offer as a Contracted PMO

A guide to the services that you can offer when setting up your Contract Project Management Office (PMO) business.

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Launch announcement Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack

Launch: Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack

Find out more about the launch of the Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack, designed to accelerate the implementation of your PMO!

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Challenges of introducing a PMO to a start-up

An overview of the challenges that may be encountered introducing a Project Management Office (PMO) to a start-up.

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Deciding what PMO to choose for a start-up

Choosing the right PMO for a start-up

It is important to choose the right approach: A guide to choosing the right Project Management Office (PMO) for a start-up.

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Adapt word

Adapting the role of a PMO to a start-up

It is important to adapt the role of a Project Management Office (PMO) to support the needs of a “Start-Up”.

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Slow down sign

Will a PMO stifle a start-up’s creativity?

Will a Project Management Office (PMO) stifle the creativity of a start-up? Find out what to consider..

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Deciding where to position a PMO in a start-up

Where to position a PMO in a start-up

This guide covers the topic of where to position a Project Management Office (PMO) in a start-up.

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Employee pitching need for a PMO

Pitching a PMO to start-up founders

A guide to pitching the need of a Project Management Office (PMO) to the founders of a start-up.

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Setting up a PMO for a start-up

Setting up a PMO in a start-up

This guide provides an overview to why you need a Project Management Office (PMO) for your start-up and the potential challenges.

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