How to avoid unhappy project meeting attendees

Are your project meetings suffering due to these silly mistakes?

As we head in to the Easter holiday period, I wanted to share some quick and simple tips that can make a big difference if your project meeting, steering committee, etc. is a success or not.   Have you ever had a situation where what you thought would be a simple project meeting ended up…

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Project Meeting Terms of Reference

In the last post, Project Governance Meetings, I covered the 2 important meetings that should be set up.  However, it is important that thought goes into setting up these meetings so that they can achieve the required outcome. Take a moment to think about the project meetings you have attended or perhaps are still attending. …

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Project Governance Meetings

A typical project or programme will contain many tasks and activities.  Some will be small some will be large.  Some with short durations, some with long.  There may be one person working on a task or it may be a team.  Given all the dimensions it is important that there is an appropriate project governance…

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