Project infographic example

What does a good project management infographic look like?

A quick background and guide to using Infographics to communicate important messages and data points for your project or PMO.

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Evolve the communication methods of your project management office

Evolve the Communication Methods for Your PMO

Communication is a very important part of project management. This article provides insights in how project and PMO communication must evolve

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Agile communication for project management

Agile Communication for Project Management

Overview of the different methods for communication when using Agile Project Management.

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Defining project success - go get it

Defining project success – the importance of your Project Mantra!

This may be a little hard for a project manager to understand.  You can clearly see if you met your goals.   Unfortunately, perception matters.  You can deliver each objective on-time, on budget and still some project sponsors will not be happy with the results.   It can be well documented and clearly stated in the project…

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Project RACI Matrix template header

Project RACI Matrix Template

In the post, How to create and use a project RACI matrix, this provided a general overview and how to use a project RACI matrix. This post is going to build on this by providing information on how you can create your own project RACI matrix. What tool to use to create the RACI template?…

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Reviewing project change requests

Review of project change requests

This week’s post is going to cover step 3 of the project change control process, Review of Project Change Request. Identify change Impact assessment Review change request Approve / reject change Implement change You can read the overview post by visiting Overview of project change control process, where I covered the 5 core steps of…

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Celebrating success in your end of year Project Steering Committee

In the post, Planning for 2018 year end, it covered the steps to take to ensure you communicate all of the good progress for the year.  A lot can happen in the year and you want the sponsor and stakeholders to remember all of the good work in Q1, Q2 and Q3 not just Q4…

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Planning for 2018 year end!

It is unbelievable that we are almost at the end of 2018.  With the advancements in technology and a 24 / 7 culture, time feels like it is accelerating. The consequence of this is that we can fall into the trap of mistaking being busy with being effective. If you are busy, all of your…

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Person preparing for project SteerCo

More tips to help your project steering committee to go well!

In the article How to prepare for a project steering committee, I provided some simple tips to help ensure that your project SteerCo goes well.  This is a follow up to this providing some additional ideas that will help even further. The ideas are not ground breaking (like most of the techniques that assist good…

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Action to take when project fails to land

Action plan when your project does not land!

In the last post, How to stop your project failing to land, I covered a number of actions you can take to help ensure your project lands well with the end users.  Unfortunately, at some point in everyone’s career, there will be at least one instance (probably more), where a project does not land well.…

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