Completing project assessment

Quick guide to conducting assessment if in-flight projects should continue to be funded

At the start of a new year, it is quite common for there to be projects that are still in progress.  These are multi year projects and are termed as being “in-flight” i.e. they are active. Challenge Unfortunately, just because a project is in-flight, it is assumed that it should continue.  This presents a risk…

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Project Deliverable Tracker Fields

Project Deliverable Tracker (the fields you need)

Discover the fields you need when creating a Project Deliverable Tracker. Easy to follow guide.

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Use deliverable tracker to know when project is done

How to know the project is done! Hint: Deliverable Tracker

How do you know when your project or programme is done? That all the benefits have been achieved? These 4 principles will help you to track progress…

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Review of project business case

PMO Business Case Review Checklist (plus free template checklist download)

For any project to have a chance for success, it is important to start with a solid foundation. A key part of this is to have a robust business case that has been agreed, and signed off by the sponsor(s). For more information on why this is important view post 5 reasons why a project…

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Gaining support for your PMO

Gaining support for a PMO

You may have been asked to set up a PMO or, you may have a strong desire to set a PMO up for your organisation as you believe (know) that it can deliver value. Unfortunately, many will not have the same view and this will greatly hinder or even stop the journey of setting up…

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Dial showing PMO benefits

PMO Benefits Management Overview

It is interesting that in the majority of cases, a project or programme is launched in order to deliver some form of benefit. However, for some reason, many project managers and PMO’s focus on delivering the project on time, on budget and to agreed scope without keeping track on the delivery of the benefits. While…

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