Remote project team members creating schedules

Remote Project Management: Scheduling

Remote Project Management: A guide to how to schedule work remotely (including different tools that you can use) with teams working from home (WFH)

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Remote workers using workflow

Remote Project Management: Managing Workflows

Remote Project Management: A guide to using workflows and tools to managing workflow between remote project team members.

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Earned Value Management

Guide to Earned Value Management

Guide to Earned Value Management of projects so that you can determine how well they are performing. Includes simple examples.

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Value stream mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

An overview of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) including the 7 steps in creating a VSM. There is also advice on the benefits and potential pitfalls.

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Example of Failure Mode Effect Analysis

Failure mode and effect analysis

Overview of the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis methodology to identify issues at the design phase of a project so that they can be corrected.

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Example of a cause and effect fishbone diagram

Analysis Tools: Effect and Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis Tools: Using the Cause and Effect method to understand complex problems so that action plans can be devised.

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Root cause analysis using the 5 Why's

Root Cause Analysis Tools: The 5 Why’s

Overview of the “5 Why’s” approach for root cause analysis. A fast and simple technique before detailed analysis. Includes a simple example.

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Agile: Overview of Sprint Review Meeting

This article provides an overview of the Agile Sprint Review Meeting that is held at the end of each Agile Sprint.

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History of Agile

History of Agile Project Management (and the Agile Manifesto)

A brief overview on the history of Agile Project Management as well as the core principles of the Agile Manifesto.

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Overview of the Deming Cycle

Overview of Deming Cycle

The Deming Cycle is a lean management model, developed in the 1950’s by Dr William Edwards Deming. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act’ (PDCA) model because of its stages; it can be used for two purposes. Firstly, it is employed to identify and fix issues within the process which…

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