Overview of P3O Process

Overview of P3O

What is P3O P3O is a framework developed by the Office of Government Commerce, and stands for Portfolio, Programme and Project Office. Its aim is to provide best practice support across private and public organisations. Designed to facilitate consistent change within an organisation, it offers joined-up support and universally accepted guidance or an organisation’s project…

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Example Eisenhower Decision Matrix

Eisenhower Matrix for Project Time Management

Following on in the series of posts on time management for project management.  The Eisenhower Matrix, also referred to as the Urgent-Important Matrix, helps to sort tasks by their urgency and importance. What is the Eisenhower Matrix? The matrix was designed by former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In his career as President and roles…

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Overview of critical path method for project management

Overview of Critical Path Method (CPM) in project management

One of the most important concepts in Project Management, the Critical Path Method (CPM) can be traced back to the Manhattan Project in the 1940’s. The size and importance of this project meant that there was great pressure to deliver results on time. CPM was devised as a result of this. What is CPM? CPM…

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Kanban board for project management

Overview of the Kanban process for project management

Following on from the recent series, Choosing between agile and waterfall project management, this post is going to explore the Kanban process and how it can be used for project management. Definition Originating in Japan with Toyota’s “just-in-time” production system, Kanban translates to “billboard” in English. It is a scheduling system for production which is…

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Designing and using a project scorecard

Designing and Using a Project Scorecard

Communication is vital component of the management of any project.  One of the challenges is getting the attention of executive leadership and keeping them updated and informed on the project status. Introducing the Project Scorecard! The project scorecard is intended to be a simple visual illustrating the progress and status of a project.  It provides…

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2018 review

PM Majik 2018 Year End Report

It is almost the end of 2018. In previous posts I have covered why it is important to complete an end of year report for your PMO or project and other important activities. Have you planned for the end of year? Simple guide to creating a PMO year end report PMO planning of next years…

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Rule of 1 in 60

Making sure that your project is on course

Over the past couple of weeks, the focus has been on the action that can be taken to ensure that projects land well with the end users or, what to do when they do not land well (see How to prevent your project from failing to Land and Action plan when your project does not…

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PMO Standardistion – simple tracking template (inc free template download)

Following on the recent posts covering the topic of PMO Standardisation – a popular topic requested by many of the PM Majik community.  This post aims to provide practical ideas and a template on how to capture and identify where there are differences in the core PMO processes. This is important as before you can…

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Small change process flow

Guide to implementing a small change project process

Over the past couple of posts I have been covering the topic of small change projects.  Change that falls between Business As Usual (BAU) and change projects. This post is going into more detail of the tools and processes you need to implement a small change process. Small Change Project Criteria Before you define the…

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PMO Recruitment Framework premium resource

Launch of the PMO Recruitment Framework tools and templates

Over the past 3 blog posts I have explored the steps that form the PMO and project team recruitment process.  The reason being that the rapid identification and onboarding of the right project resources is critical for the success of projects, programmes and PMO’s. You can read these posts using the links below: PMO recruitment…

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