Example of a project roadmap

How to create a project roadmap

The last post provided an overview of Project Roadmaps and why they are a very useful tool.  This post is going to provide an easy to follow guide on how to create a project roadmap. Roadmap Tool / Software While there are many good tools for creating project roadmaps, the good news is that it…

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Project team prioritising using forced rankings

Project Prioritisation: Using forced rankings

Following on from the last post, Overview on securing continued project funding.  In this post I want to cover the tool that a PMO or organisation can use to help prioritise project demand when the demand far exceeds the supply and / or budget. Challenge – too much project demand Not unless you work for…

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Top PMO Tool

What is the “Number 1” PMO tool?

So, if I was to ask you what is the number one, must have, PMO tool?  What would your answer be? Project templates? MS Project / Clarity? Project methodology? Something else? These are all good answers.  However, they are not THE ANSWER.  The number one, must have, can not do without PMO tool is…………..People! A…

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PMO Maturity Assessment Framework

Launch: PMO Maturity Assessment Framework inc Templates

The last 5 posts covered the topic of Project Management Office (PMO) maturity.  This mini series covered the required steps to set-up and execute a PMO maturity assessment so that the current and target level of maturity can be determined.  Then with this information, the approach to identify the gaps and then create an action…

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Example of current V target PMO maturity level report

PMO Maturity: Capturing the desired / target maturity level for your PMO

This is the 3rd post in the the 4 part series that is covering the concept of PMO maturity.  The previous posts being: Understand the current maturity of your PMO Guide to plotting the current maturity of your PMO This post is going to cover how you set about, capture and plot the desired /…

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Guide to the core PMO templates you need

Basic PMO Templates

Straight to the point article that provides a complete checklist of the Basic PMO Templates needed to form a good PMO!

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example project dashboard

Simple PMO dashboard

The post PMO Dashboard, used the analogy of how a car dashboard to help think about the design of a PMO dashboard.  The key principle being, make sure that you have the dials and gauges that provides the information required.  The post also went on to provide an example of a heat-map to demonstrate how…

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Setting PMO key performance indicators

PMO KPI’s (key performance indicators)

A question often asked is “what value does the PMO add”?  While the answer is “lot’s of value” (if the PMO has been set-up correctly), in many cases you need to back this up with some PMO success metrics (aka PMO KPI’s). What is a PMO KPI? It is an agreed set of indicators that,…

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PMO performance – make sure you are measuring success

A common argument from project managers and senior management is that a PMO does not add value and creates bureaucracy.  This than can make it very difficult for the PMO to make progress, which results in limited value that can lead to the PMO being closed.  Obvious choice if you are a senior management, why…

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Implementing a PMO to meet sponsor requirements

If you have followed the last 3 posts, you will have an understanding of why it is important to determine clear sponsor requirements, convert to SMART objectives, create PMO Vision and Mission statements to allow the definition of PMO design principles that are aligned to objectives.  All well and good.  Now the PMO needs to…

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