7 Components Project Charter

The 7 Components of a Project Charter Your PMO Needs to Include

An easy to follow guide of the 7 components of a Project Charter that your Project Management Office must ensure is included!

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Project Charter

The Project Charter: A Complete Overview

A complete and easy to follow guide on a Project Charter. What it is, the key components and how to create one.

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Project Weighted Scoring

How to Choose a Project Prioritisation Process That Works – Weighted Scoring

A guide to Weighted Scoring as a process to prioritise your projects. A useful approach for the Project Management Office (PMO).

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Choosing Project Prioritisation Process

How to choose a Project Prioritisation Process that works – Rank Order

A guide to choosing a Project Prioritisation Process for your Project Management Office (PMO): Rank Order technique.

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Project RACI Matrix template header

Project RACI Matrix Template

In the post, How to create and use a project RACI matrix, this provided a general overview and how to use a project RACI matrix. This post is going to build on this by providing information on how you can create your own project RACI matrix. What tool to use to create the RACI template?…

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Completing project assessment

Quick guide to conducting assessment if in-flight projects should continue to be funded

At the start of a new year, it is quite common for there to be projects that are still in progress.  These are multi year projects and are termed as being “in-flight” i.e. they are active. Challenge Unfortunately, just because a project is in-flight, it is assumed that it should continue.  This presents a risk…

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Business lady writing a project initiation document

Writing a Project Initiation Document (PID)

The recent post Overview of Project Initiation Document (PID) provided a high level understanding of the PID including what it is?, why it is used? and what should be included? This post will expand on this and go into more detail on what should typically be included in the different sections of a PID. General…

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To do list with PID as first item

Overview of Project Initiation Document (PID)

Over the next couple of posts I want to cover the topic of project initiation. It is good practice for an organisation to have a structured mechanism for the proposal and authorisation of projects.  One of the common tools used to manage this is the Project Initiation Document (PID). What is a PID? The PID…

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PMO Standardistion – simple tracking template (inc free template download)

Following on the recent posts covering the topic of PMO Standardisation – a popular topic requested by many of the PM Majik community.  This post aims to provide practical ideas and a template on how to capture and identify where there are differences in the core PMO processes. This is important as before you can…

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Recruiting project team members

Overview project team recruitment management

In the artcile “What is the number 1 PMO tool?“, I covered why it was the “people” who were the most important tool for a project.  Without people nothing would be delivered. Given the importance of people to the success of a project, the identification and recruitment of resources is critical.  Over the coming weeks…

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