Project Sponsor

Role of Project Sponsor in Agile Project Management

An overview of the role and responsibilities of a Project Sponsor in an Agile Project Management environment.

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How to avoid criticism quote

How to deal with criticism as a change professional

Today I was really pleased to receive an email from somebody who recently became a MASTER level member.  It was a simple, short email that put a smile on my face. It said “Your site is great – used it to review for a contract PMO role (been on career break) and I got the…

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Action to take when project fails to land

Action plan when your project does not land!

In the last post, How to stop your project failing to land, I covered a number of actions you can take to help ensure your project lands well with the end users.  Unfortunately, at some point in everyone’s career, there will be at least one instance (probably more), where a project does not land well.…

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Open suit case with text "the big reveal"

Are you guilty of the “Project Big Reveal”?

As you start to read this article about the “Project Big Reveal” I would imagine that you fall into one of the following categories: Yes No Have not got a clue and / or don’t care Over the early part of my career, I most certainly have been guilty of this and, I have suffered…

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Making clear project decisions

5 reasons why you need to have a clear and transparent project decision process

Every project regardless of if it is big or small will require a number of decisions over the duration of the project.  Some will be very simple, low impact and can be made by team members.  Others will be complex and or have a very high impact requiring sign-off at the highest level. The outcome…

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Using KPI’s to measure implementation of PMO

Earlier this year there was a series of posts on how a PMO can help the sponsor define objectives, convert to SMART objectives, create vision and mission statements, define aligned design principles and then implement. The last piece of the solution is to ensure that you monitor progress so that the PMO can demonstrate success,…

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Stakeholder analysis template

It is fair to say that an important factor to the success or failure of a project is the behaviour of stakeholders. Therefore, it is important to ensure that project stakeholders are identified, clear understanding of their position and, a plan that will allow effective communication so that they contribute to the successful completion of…

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