Do you find that you have notes about your Agile Project in different formats? Computer, laptop, tablet, notebook, journal and more?

Maybe you are in a meeting and somebody asks a question if you can meet at a certain time to follow up. Unfortunately, you do not have your calendar with you.

This can mean you spend a lot of time searching for important information, wasting alot of time.

Now imagine if you could have one single place for all of the information you need?

Something that you can use at your desk. Carry to meetings. Designed to catch the information how you want (even to Doodle).


The Agile Daily Project Journal, an official resource by PMMAJIK.COM.

Agile Planner

What is the Agile Daily Project Journal?

When you are participating or running an Agile Project, there are a number of ceremonies that need to take place in order to make the project a success.

The planner has been designed to be a single source of information for the Agile project your are working on.

It is a complete Agile Planner helping and guiding you on the daily execution of your Agile Project.

What does it include?

The Agile Daily Planner is split in to 2 sections:

Section 1

This contains useful summaries of the different aspects of Agile so that they are always available as a quick reference.

It also covers the important steps and templates for your to create the following for the Agile Project you are working on:

  • Product Vision
  • Product Roadmap
  • Scrum team details

Section 2

This contains pages for all of the Agile Sprints, covering all of the ceremonies:

  • Sprint Planning (for each Sprint)
  • Sprint Review (for each Sprint)
  • Sprint Review (for each Sprint)
  • Daily Stand-up (for each day of the Sprint)
  • Calendar / schedule page (for each day of the Sprint)

How to use the planner?

Very simple.  You work through Section 1 at the start of your project.

Then, as you start your “Project Sprints”, have the planner with you to capture and record the important information in respect of your Agile Project.

What format is the guide?

The guide is currently only available in 4 different printed versions in the following specification (spec):

Agile Daily Project Journal – 1 Week Sprint

  • 1 week Sprints
  • 30 Sprints
  • Duration 30 weeks
  • 505 pages
  • Red cover

Agile Daily Project Journal – 2 Week Sprint

  • 2 week Sprints
  • 20 Sprints
  • Duration 40 weeks
  • 545 pages
  • Blue cover

Agile Daily Project Journal – 3 Week Sprint

  • 3 week Sprints
  • 15 Sprints
  • Duration 45 weeks
  • 565 pages
  • Green cover

Agile Daily Project Journal – 4 Week Sprint

  • 4 week Sprints
  • 10 Sprints
  • Duration 40 weeks
  • 585 pages
  • Purple cover

Can I get a printed version?

Yes. Printed copies are available from Amazon.

Other Amazon stores:


The Agile Daily Project Journal is a powerful tool to help you execute and participate in an Agile Project.

The combination of guides and daily planning pages means that you will always have the information you need. Helping to make your project a success.

Simply choose the Sprint frequency of your project and order your Agile Planner today.