Project Prioritisation Approach

The Benefits of Having a Project Prioritisation Process

A simple guide to the benefits of having a Project Prioritisation Process as part of your organisation.

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Filling in job application

Application Tracking Software: How to Use an ATS when job seeking

Avoid falling at the first hurdle by learning how to use Application Tracking Software (ATS) when job seeking for a PMO role.

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Principles PMO Capacity Management

The Principles of PMO Resource Capacity Management

A guide to the principles of Project and Change capacity management, including key considerations for implementing a robust process.

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Reading list 2019

Project and Change Book List 2019

As the holiday season is well and truly underway, it is the time that many are looking for books to read (or listen to) while they are aware. Last year I provided a Holiday Reading List for 2018.   Therefore, I would like to share some thoughts on the books I have enjoyed and found useful…

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Guide to important project management reports

Project management reports you need for your project!

Being able to communicate the important messages in a timely manner can make the difference between the success or failure of a project.  That is why there are a number of critical project reports that every project should use. Communication Plan Each project should build a Communication Plan.  The Communication Plan will answer the following…

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Recruiting project team member

Recruitment Phase: Recruiting project team resources

In the last post, I cover the Preparation Phase of project team recruitment, this post will cover the steps involved to recruit the project resources. Recruitment Phase There are 5 steps within the recruitment phase. Review Applicants This is the step of where you review the applications from potential candidates.  This will typically be in…

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PMO maturity model by PM Majik

Overview of project management office (PMO) maturity model

If you are involved in setting up or running a project management office there comes the point when you have implemented the PMO and you move into business as usual (BAU).  Now after all the hard effort to set-up the PMO you may think that you are “done”.  However, the reality is the journey has…

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