Team creating project roadmap

Overview of Project and Programme Roadmaps

A project or programme is created due to a specific need to achieve an outcome.  The outcome is the purpose, the need, the objective that needs to be met. Projects can take many forms from simple fixes / enhancements to existing processes / platforms or the implementation of something new and innovative. In all cases…

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Do not let perception kill your project or PMO

How to stop perception killing your project or PMO!

If you have worked in change.  Run a project.  Managed a PMO; you will be fully aware that it is not an easy job!  Managing and implementing change is hard, partly due to the fact that most humans do not like change and will do all they can in order to maintain the status quo.…

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Planning onboard of project resources

5 tips to help prepare for adding new project resources

Over the past couple of articles, the focus has been on the actions that can be taken to prepare budgets and be ready for the coming project year. This is important as most organisations work on an annual budgeting cycle.  This means that a PMO or project manager only has 12 months to mobilise and…

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Project team prioritising using forced rankings

Project Prioritisation: Using forced rankings

Following on from the last post, Overview on securing continued project funding.  In this post I want to cover the tool that a PMO or organisation can use to help prioritise project demand when the demand far exceeds the supply and / or budget. Challenge – too much project demand Not unless you work for…

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Securing continued project funding

Overview: Securing continued project funding

This post is going to cover the important topic of continued project funding.  While a lot of effort goes into preparing the original business case and securing the original budget, the reality is that this is only the first budget approval of many over the life time of a project. The Project Funding Challenge It…

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Celebrate your project and PMO success

Remember to celebrate project success!

If I was to ask you right now, “What is the status of your project?” or “How is the set up of your project management office going?”, how would you respond? Take a moment to think what are your first thoughts? I would imagine that for the vast majority of you, the first thoughts are…

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Important to mentor project team members

Tips to keep your permanent project resources happy

In the last post, Tips to keep your contract project resources happy, it covered the important, and often overlooked subject, of making sure you take care of the contract staff who work on your project teams.  To complete the picture, this post is going to cover some of the important considerations for permanent project team…

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Project team working together

Tips to keep your contract project resources happy!

In the blog post, “What is the number 1 PMO tool?“, I covered why people are the most important PMO and project asset.  The reason being that without people (resources), the project activities will just not get completed! Now we could have a debate on the development in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  On…

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Making a project decision

When making the wrong project decision is right!

Each and every day we have to make hundreds of decisions.  What shirt to wear? To have toast or cereal for breakfast?  Buy a new car? Buy a new house? Propose and get married? Some decisions could be made every day or even many times a day.  Some, like getting married, may be only once…

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Top PMO Tool

What is the “Number 1” PMO tool?

So, if I was to ask you what is the number one, must have, PMO tool?  What would your answer be? Project templates? MS Project / Clarity? Project methodology? Something else? These are all good answers.  However, they are not THE ANSWER.  The number one, must have, can not do without PMO tool is…………..People! A…

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