Project Time Risk

Project Time Risk – What It Is and How to Minimise It?

Time is the most important asset to a project. Learn about Project Time Risk: What it is and, importantly, how to manage it!

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Cost risk in project management

Cost Risk in project management (and how to manage it)

A guide to Cost Risk in project management and how a Project Management Office (PMO) can help manage it!

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Project Scope Creep

Risk of Project Scope Creep: What Is It and How to Manage It?

Project Scope Creep will impact your project. Find out what it is and, more importantly, what action you can take to manage it.

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7 types of project risk

7 Types of Project Risk Your PMO Needs to Understand

A guide to the 7 types of Project Risk that your Project Management Office (PMO) needs to understand (so they can be managed)!

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Project Risk Management Training

Offering Risk Management Training with Your PMO

A guide to risk management training that a Project Management Office (PMO) can offer to project managers.

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Training project managers on how to manage resources

Training Project Managers to Manage People with Your PMO

A guide to how to train project managers so that they are equipped with the skills to manage team members.

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Launch announcement Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack

Launch: Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack

Find out more about the launch of the Rapid PMO Mobilisation Pack, designed to accelerate the implementation of your PMO!

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Directive PMO

Is a Directive PMO Right for Your Organisation?

Easy to follow guide on Directive Project Management Offices (PMO) and deciding if they are right for your organisation.

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Supportive PMO

Supportive PMO – Is it the Right PMO For You?

A guide to what is a Supportive Project Management Office (PMO) and how to decide if it is the right choice for your PMO.

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Designing EPMO

Designing an Enterprise PMO – How it Looks and Feels

A guide to designing an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) together with what it looks and feels like!

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