Making a project decision

When making the wrong project decision is right!

Each and every day we have to make hundreds of decisions.  What shirt to wear? To have toast or cereal for breakfast?  Buy a new car? Buy a new house? Propose and get married? Some decisions could be made every day or even many times a day.  Some, like getting married, may be only once…

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Top PMO Tool

What is the “Number 1” PMO tool?

So, if I was to ask you what is the number one, must have, PMO tool?  What would your answer be? Project templates? MS Project / Clarity? Project methodology? Something else? These are all good answers.  However, they are not THE ANSWER.  The number one, must have, can not do without PMO tool is…………..People! A…

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PMO induction meeting

PMO Induction – What to include in the pack

Following on from the post that provided and introduction to the PMO Induction process.  This post will build on this by going into more detail of what components should be included within a PMO Induction pack. PMO Induction Pack This is typically a presentation that provides all of the information that a new recruit will…

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New employee going through PMO induction

PMO Induction Process Overview

The most important ingredient to a project or PMO is the people.  Without the right mix and number of resources, the project will not be a success. It is because of this, many organisations invest a lot of time and effort in identifying, interviewing and recruiting the right resources for the task.  It can often…

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PMO Maturity Action Plan Register

PMO Maturity: Identifying improvements and creating action plan

This is part 4 in the series of posts about how to complete a PMO Maturity Assessment so as to identify areas of improvement for your PMO.  The objective being to improve the maturity of your PMO. The last 3 posts covered:  Understand the current maturity of your PMO  Guide to plotting the current maturity…

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How to avoid unhappy project meeting attendees

Are your project meetings suffering due to these silly mistakes?

As we head in to the Easter holiday period, I wanted to share some quick and simple tips that can make a big difference if your project meeting, steering committee, etc. is a success or not.   Have you ever had a situation where what you thought would be a simple project meeting ended up…

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What a PMO can learn from a fish tank

What can a marine fish tank teach the PMO?

I would like to start by sharing a story about one of my hobbies, keeping marine tropical fish.   My wife and I had gone into a local pet store to collect some pet food.  Like so many times before we had a look round the store, which included the fish section.  The store had…

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PMO productivity – how to have your project templates available at all times

An important part of setting up a PMO, is implementing a robust tool set, namely PMO and project templates.  These templates take time to create, valuable time that could be used to focus on getting the PMO up and running or mobilising projects. Problem If you have been involved in projects and PMO’s for a…

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Plan the renewal of your PDU’s and avoid a mad rush!

For those who have invested the time to attain the Project Management Professional (PMP) that is overseen by the Project Management Institute (PMI), you should be fully aware that you need to re-certify every 3 years. In order to recertify, you need to obtain 60 Project Development Units (PDU’s) over the 3-year period.  The good…

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PMO tips – project and PMO planning for significant events

While writing post “Keeping projects on track over the summer holidays“, it made me think about the plans that many organisations make when major events are held such as the Olympics, World Cup, etc. For example, when the Olympics was held in London in 2012, many organisations in and around London made contingency plans.  The…

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