Project Governance

How to Use a Project Charter for Project Governance

An easy to follow guide to how you can use a Project Charter for driving the governance of your project.

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5 Steps Writing Project Charter

How to Write a Project Charter – Your 5 Step Guide

An easy to follow 5 step guide on how to write a project charter. Helping project managers to quickly produce a project charter.

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7 Components Project Charter

The 7 Components of a Project Charter Your PMO Needs to Include

An easy to follow guide of the 7 components of a Project Charter that your Project Management Office must ensure is included!

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Purpose Project Charter

What’s the Purpose of a Project Charter?

A guide to 4 reasons for why your Project Management Office needs to ensure every project has a Project Charter.

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Hiring PMO Resources

Picking Up the Slack: When to Hire New Resources for Your PMO

Knowing the signs and when it is right to hire new resources to pick up up the slack in your Project Management Office (PMO).

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PMO Picking Up Slack

When to Pick Up the Slack for Your PMO Colleagues

A quick guide to when you should help pick up the slack for your Project Management Office (PMO) colleagues.

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Establishing PMO Services

The PMO Value Ring: Establishing Your PMO Processes

The Project Management Office (PMO) Value Ring: A guide to how you establish your PMO processes.

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Embed Business Strategy

PMO Best Practices: Embed the Business Strategy into Your PMO

Project management office (PMO) best practice – embedding the business strategy into your PMO.

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Internal-PMO Relationships

PMO Best Practices: Build Internal Business Relationships

Project Management Office (PMO) best practices – Why and how to build internal business relationships.

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PMO Best Practices: 7 Ways to Engage Your PMO and Project Teams

Project Management Office (PMO) best practices – 7 ways that you can engage your PMO and project teams.

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