As the new year approaches, most people develop resolutions and goals to keep their projects running. Setting resolutions, such as overall team performance improvements or implementing new goals, are some things project management offices (PMOs) consider. However, one must strategically approach these resolutions to achieve the best outcomes. These five hacks will help to achieve New Year resolutions for your PMO:

Set SMART goals

Having specific and clear goals is one of the integrals of achieving New Year resolutions for your PMO. The acronym SMART, which translates as specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound, helps you. You must be concise and specific on your goals when setting resolutions. Setting these types of goals must be time-bound. SMART goals are attainable and measurable. You may be familiar with vague resolutions such as “team productivity improvement,” but always consider setting SMART goals like increasing your team’s productivity by ten percent within the year’s first half. You can achieve this by implementing software to manage your project or train your team. With these goals, you can have concise targets that will help you work towards achieving them, helping you track your progress at the same time.

Develop a roadmap

Creating a roadmap after having SMART goals in check comes next. This helps map out the steps to make these resolutions realistic. Make your resolutions simpler by breaking them down into units and manageable tasks; let each of your team members take up a role. With this roadmap, you can have all the guidance you need to get used to any potential changes or challenges.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Fostering a regular improvement culture within your PMO is an excellent way to achieve your regulations. Motivate your members to develop ideas, thoughts, and contributions to help you improve. Create rooms to train and professionally develop them for skills enhancements. However, remember to commend your team’s efforts. When you facilitate a regular improvement culture, it helps drive you closer to your resolutions, giving you a positive work environment.

Leverage technology

One cannot underestimate the power of technology in achieving New Year resolutions. Map out the areas in which you can employ technology to streamline the process. This will help you improve collaboration and efficiency. For example, you can track the progress of your projects as well as manage them. It also helps you work effectively with other team members. You can keep to project timelines with time-tracking tools and identify where you need to pay more attention to. Work with technology that will help you achieve your goals and effectively use them for profit maximization.

Measure and track your progress

You must always check and measure how far you have progressed. Ensure to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that match your goals. You can always use them to measure how you have performed so far. With the data, you can easily identify where to pay further attention to. Carry out regular reviews to remain on track while executing every crucial correction to keep you inspired. This will help you get closer to your goals and achieve them.


It is crucial to be strategic and self-disciplined to achieve New Year resolutions for PMO. You must prioritize and not fail to execute the above five points to help you achieve every set goal for your PMO. With these hacks, enhancing your project management becomes easier as well as improving your team’s performance. Don’t forget that achieving resolutions goes beyond just setting goals, but ensuring you execute all crucial decisions and actions. Therefore, be bold enough to take action this year to help you succeed in your PMO.