Quick Guide Project Management

New Resource: Quick Guide to Project Management

I am pleased to announce that as the ongoing commitment to adding value, a new resource has been added to the PM Majik Member’s area – Quick Guide to Project Management.  The resource is available to all member’s at no additional cost. What is Quick Guide to Project Management? The resource consists of: 6 Training…

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Are you making the most of your most precious asset?

How to make maximum use of your greatest asset!

Let me ask you a question.  What asset do you have that you can choose how to spend each and every day?  An asset you have the same amount of each day and, that if is not used cannot be saved to be used later?  However, each new day brings a new supply exactly the…

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Building a project book of work

When an organisation is making plans for the coming year (or even years), this will inevitably result in a number of change projects.  Each project having the objective to implement part of the overall strategy. It is therefore important that an organisation has visibility of all of the current and planned projects.  Otherwise there is…

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How to improve the quality of project status reports

The last post, 5 ways to check the project status is correct, provided 5 steps that could help validate that a project status report was accurate.  Following these should identify where there are areas of concern.  However, the real goal is to continually improve the quality of the reports.  This is much harder than it…

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5 ways to check the project status is correct!

It is the duty of the project manager to provide regular and accurate status of their project.  This is typically achieved through project reporting. It is very important that the reports are a true reflection of status so that sponsors and stakeholders can have confidence in the performance of the project (or take informed decisions…

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5 steps for running a dependency workshop

The last post covered 5 activities that are needed for a dependency management process.  This included the important step of validating dependencies as, without confirming between the “giver” and the “receiver”, there is a high chance the dependency will not be honoured. There are different ways of validating dependencies.  This post will focus on the…

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5 activities you need to manage project dependencies

In a perfect world, every project would exist a bubble where there were no constraints. All required resources (people, budget, facilities, technology, etc) would be available to suit the timelines defined by the project. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the benefit of this type of “bubble”. Therefore, the outcome of the project is…

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Planning next years projext inventory

Project inventory overview (planning next years change portfolio)

In the 3rd and 4th quarters of a year, many organisations are planning and budgeting for the coming year.  This has to include any projects so that the budget can be secured.  This post will provide an overview how to construct a project inventory. An organisation will undertake a number of change projects at the…

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Project closure review

Project close review

The last 3 posts have explored the different aspects of project reviews and how they can be used to improve the delivery of change. This post will cover the dimensions of a review and the types of question to ask. Lessons Learned Template The actual lessons learned template should have a logical structure that covers…

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Conducting a project close review

Project review at close of project

The last couple of posts have been covering the topic of project reviews and how the output can help improve the outcomes of other projects across an organisation (or even later phases of the same project).  When to conduct a lessons learned review focused on the different points where you can conduct a review.  By…

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