PMO Maturity Assessment Framework

Launch: PMO Maturity Assessment Framework inc Templates

The last 5 posts covered the topic of Project Management Office (PMO) maturity.  This mini series covered the required steps to set-up and execute a PMO maturity assessment so that the current and target level of maturity can be determined.  Then with this information, the approach to identify the gaps and then create an action plan to close the gaps.

Performing these steps should allow the level of PMO maturity to increase to achieve overall objectives.  Meaning the service provided by the PMO will be enahnced, resulting in an increase in the value being delivered.

Introducing the PMO Maturity Assessment Framework

It is completely possible to create the necessary guides and tools using the information contained in the mini series.  However, in order to enhance the value provided to the PM Majik community, you could say, our own way of improving maturity, I am pleased to announce the launch of the PMO Maturity Assessment Framework.

What is the PMO Maturity Assessment Framework?

It is a complete framework that allows you to quickly implement a PMO Maturity Assessment process.  It contains all of the guides and templates you need saving you time and effort of designing your own solution.

It includes the following steps:

  1. Overview guide
  2. Objectives
  3. Stakeholders
  4. Data Capture
  5. Data Consolidation
  6. Management Report
  7. Action Plan

Each step contains all of the templates you need, examples, guide and video tutorials.

Does it include user guides?

Yes.  The framework comes with user guides that you can download to make notes.

Each section includes video tutorials that provide an overview of the step and, walk throughs on how to use the templetes and resources for the step.  This means you can simply watch each video and understand what you need to do.

Does it include reporting?

Yes.  The framework comes with a template that you can use to create a management report based on the findings of the assessment.  Even better, you can populate the majority of the content by copying and pasting summaries from the Data Capture, Data Consolidation, Stakeholder and Action Plan templates.  This is a great time saver and reduces the risk of the incorrect data being included in the report.

PMO Maturity Assessment Management Report

How do I access the PMO Maturity Assessment Framework?

The framework is a premium resource that is available within the PM Majik Member’s area.  The framework can be secured as a single purchase.

If you are looking for even better value, it is also available in the PRO and MASTER packages.  These provide access to a number of preimum resources at substantial discounts compared to purchasing each resource individually.

Good news for existing PRO & MASTER Member’s

PMO Maturity Assessment Framework

If you have already made the smart decision to invest in the PRO or MASTER membership levels and are still an active member, good news – you already have full access to this new resource.  All you need to do is login to your Member’s Dashboard and you will be able to access the full framework and download the resources right now.

If you would like to find out more about the PMO Maturity Assessment Framework or, find out more about the Membership options and benefits, please visit