Dial showing PMO benefits

PMO Benefits Management Overview

It is interesting that in the majority of cases, a project or programme is launched in order to deliver some form of benefit. However, for some reason, many project managers and PMO’s focus on delivering the project on time, on budget and to agreed scope without keeping track on the delivery of the benefits. While…

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Project manager angry at laptop

Are you in control of your actions?

It is important as a change agent, project or PMO manager that you constantly strive to develop your skills. This will help to ensure that the service, the value you provide increases. This can be achieved through many channels including online articles, reading books, attending classroom based training, etc. A useful method is to listen…

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PMO change request checklist image

PMO Change Request Checklist

Project’s are unpredictable. A project manager never can fully predict what will happen over the project life cycle. However, what can be depended on is that there will be project risks, that if not managed correctly, will become an issue and will often result in a change request being required to reset the plan. Given…

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Guide to rapid PMO mobilization

Rapid PMO Mobilisation

The mobilisation of a PMO can appear daunting, especially if you organisation does not have an established PMO methodology and you have not set one up before. The objective of this post is to provide a simple but powerful framework that can be used to build and establish a PMO in 4 weeks. PMO Mobilisation…

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Using KPI’s to measure implementation of PMO

Earlier this year there was a series of posts on how a PMO can help the sponsor define objectives, convert to SMART objectives, create vision and mission statements, define aligned design principles and then implement. The last piece of the solution is to ensure that you monitor progress so that the PMO can demonstrate success,…

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Beware of perfection when developing project templates

This article will share some thoughts on why as a PMO it is important to be mindful of not allowing perfection to impede progress.  While the principles will be in respect of developing project and PMO templates, the concept can equally be applied to many other areas. Challenge to developing project templates An important role…

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Stakeholder analysis template

It is fair to say that an important factor to the success or failure of a project is the behaviour of stakeholders. Therefore, it is important to ensure that project stakeholders are identified, clear understanding of their position and, a plan that will allow effective communication so that they contribute to the successful completion of…

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You very own PMO career path guide

PMO Career Path: A practical guide to your options

An overview of the different PMO career paths and the simple steps to making your career action plan.

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Different names for a project management office

Different names for a project management office (PMO)

Simple guide to the common acronyms used to identify different types of project management offices. Includes a presentation with key points.

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Taking steps to write a good project risk

5 steps to write a good project risk

If you take a moment to review most risk logs, on closer analysis you will find that the quality is variable at best. The reason is that many project teams do not put the appropriate time and effort into capturing and managing project risks. Unfortunately many see the process as a “tick box exercise” that…

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