Project resource planning

PMO tools – resourcing

A guide to the important Project Management Office (PMO) tool of project resource planning.

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PMO tools – project change control | Change Management

Project Management Office Tools: An overview of the Project Change Control process – including some tips to help.

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Project Quality Assurance map

PMO tools – project quality assurance

A quick guide explaining the important aspects of a project quality assurance process to help ensure your project delivers the required outcomes.

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PMO Reporting

PMO tools – PMO reporting

Learn the important points you need in order to implement a solid project reporting process.

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Project financial planning

PMO tools – project financial planning

Simple, easy to follow guide on the steps a Project Management Office (PMO) should implement for project financial planning.

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Project Planning

PMO Tools – Project planning

How to set guidelines for project planning. PMO guide for defining a milestone framework.

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PMO Sponsorship

PMO Sponsorship – why it is vital for success

You must have an engaged sponsor if you want your PMO to be a success. Use this action plan to ensure you have a sponsor to support your efforts.

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PMO Objectives

Objectives of a PMO

Gain an understanding of the objectives of a project management office (PMO).

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PMO Set-Up Guide

How to set up a PMO

A step by step guide on how to set-up a project management office (PMO). You can start today (including FREE download).

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Project Metrics

The importance of the project metrics journey

When implementing project or programme metrics, you must take the stakeholders on the journey to understand how and why the metrics have been developed.

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