Does a PMO need a Project or Product manager

Does my PMO Need a Project Manager or a Product Manager?

A useful guide to decide if your Project Management Office (PMO) needs a Project Manager or a Product Manager?

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Product V Project Manager

Project Manager vs Product Manager: What’s the Difference?

Agile Project Management: What is the difference between a Project Manager V Product Manager?

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Driving PMO Profits

How to Drive Profits for Your Project Management Office

A quick guide on how to drive profits for your Project Management Office (PMO).

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Focus on PMO Returns

Driving PMO Profitability: When to Focus on Returns

Driving profitability of your Project Management Office (PMO) is important! But when is the right time to focus on returns?

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Driving PMO Profitability

Driving Profitability in Your Project Management Office: Why, When, and How

A quick guide to the topic of driving profitability in your Project Management Office (PMO). Great for the career!

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PMO Resource Planning Post Covid

Resource Planning in a Post-COVID, Hybrid PMO

A guide to resource planning in a post-Covid, hybrid Project Management Office (PMO) so as to enable project success.

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How to Maintain Visibility for Your Post-COVID Hybrid PMO

With the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us, it’s time for your project management office (PMO) to return to business as usual – of a sort. Most businesses are adopting a hybrid working system, so how can you maintain visibility for your post-COVID hybrid PMO? Hybrid working is a new reality, with a mix…

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Plugging skill gap post Covid PMO

Plugging the Skills Gap in Your Post-COVID Hybrid PMO

A guide on how you can plug any skills gaps when you are operating a hybrid Project Management Office (PMO).

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Post Covid PMO Project Methodology

Changing Project Methodologies in a Post-COVID Hybrid PMO

Post-Covid Project Management Office (PMO): A guide to knowing when and how to change project methodologies for hybrid working.

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Post-COVID PMO – Managing Collaborations in a Hybrid Office

Post-COVID PMO Guide – How to manage successful collaborations when running a hybrid Project Management Office (PMO)

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