Small change process flow

Guide to implementing a small change project process

Over the past couple of posts I have been covering the topic of small change projects.  Change that falls between Business As Usual (BAU) and change projects. This post is going into more detail of the tools and processes you need to implement a small change process. Small Change Project Criteria Before you define the…

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Considering if a project is small change

Criteria for identifying small change projects

Following on in the series on how to identify and manage small change projects.  The activity that falls between Business as Usual (BAU) and change.  See “How to provide visibility and reporting for small change projects“. One of the first challenges many people experience is how to know what is a small change project.  I…

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Looking at small projects

How to provide visibility and reporting for small change projects

When it comes to projects, it is pretty safe to say that they are all different.  Given this, a smart PMO or project manager needs to consider what is the most appropriate, indeed pragmatic approach to tools and processes. For example, the level of governance and process applied to a multi billion, mission critical healthcare…

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PMO Recruitment Framework premium resource

Launch of the PMO Recruitment Framework tools and templates

Over the past 3 blog posts I have explored the steps that form the PMO and project team recruitment process.  The reason being that the rapid identification and onboarding of the right project resources is critical for the success of projects, programmes and PMO’s. You can read these posts using the links below: PMO recruitment…

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Recruiting project team member

Recruitment Phase: Recruiting project team resources

In the last post, I cover the Preparation Phase of project team recruitment, this post will cover the steps involved to recruit the project resources. Recruitment Phase There are 5 steps within the recruitment phase. Review Applicants This is the step of where you review the applications from potential candidates.  This will typically be in…

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Preparation phase of project recruitment

Preparation steps for project team recruitment

In the last post I provided an overview of the end to end recruitment process for project team members, “Overview of project team recruitment management“.  This post is going to focus on the 4 steps involved in the preparation phase of the process: Demand Job Specifications Engage HR Approval to Recruit As with most things…

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Recruiting project team members

Overview project team recruitment management

In the artcile “What is the number 1 PMO tool?“, I covered why it was the “people” who were the most important tool for a project.  Without people nothing would be delivered. Given the importance of people to the success of a project, the identification and recruitment of resources is critical.  Over the coming weeks…

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Change professionals returning to work

Return from holiday action plan

Happy new year! Early January is the time when many people are returning to work after an extended holiday over the festive season.  Holidays are important as they allow you to rest, spend time with family / friends and generally recharge. With your mind and body rested you are then all set for optimal performance…

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Are you ready for 2018?

It is now 2 weeks until the end of 2017 and the start of 2018.  Perhaps like me, you have reflected on what you have achieved this year and reviewed against what you had hoped to achieve.  You can see my thoughts on progress in 2017 in my post PM Majik End of Year Review…

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PM Majik annual report 2017

PM Majik 2017 End of Year Summary

Over the last couple of posts I have discussed the importance of highlighting the successes of the year.  Achievements from earlier in the year (Q1, Q2, etc) can easily be forgotten.  This started me thinking on all that has happened in respect of in 2017.  So I thought it would be good to reflect…

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