This post is written on the 19th December 2019. The holiday season is upon us and many will be taking a well deserved rest from delivering their projects and work.

So just in case you cannot completely relax from the wondeful topic of project and PMO management, I have a FREE gift for you to download….

Project & PMO Wordsearch

I know that some people, like myself find it hard to switch-off. I enjoy keeping my mind occupied. I find it relaxing.

This gave me the idea of creating a word search that contained a number of project and PMO themed puzzles.

My gift to you contains:

  • 20 Word Search Puzzles
  • Large Print
  • Easy to print on A4 paper
  • Solutions

So if you fancy unwinding with a project wordsearch, then click the link below to download your copy.

>>Project and PMO Wordsearch Download<<

Happy Holidays

Thank you for taking time to read the blog and hope that it continues to add value.

I would like to close by wishing all visitors and members of the PM Majik Community a happy holiday.

Yours PM Majik