Guide to important project management reports

Project management reports you need for your project!

Being able to communicate the important messages in a timely manner can make the difference between the success or failure of a project.  That is why there are a number of critical project reports that every project should use. Communication Plan Each project should build a Communication Plan.  The Communication Plan will answer the following…

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Project Standard Operating Procedures

The power of PMO SOPs!

Firstly please accept my apologies for the acronyms in the title. Hopefully everyone knows PMO – Project Management Office.  How about SOP? SOP stands for Standing Operating Procedures. What is a SOP? A SOP is a method of taking a complex (or simple) process and breaking it down into a step by step guide so…

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Mega Project Template Pack Volume 1

Launch: Mega Project Template Pack 1

When I founded, a core principle was to continually look to provide value to the member’s of the PM Majik community. Therefore, I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Mega Project Template Pack 1. What is the Mega Project Template Pack 1? Templates are one of the core tools used by…

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PMO Recruitment Framework premium resource

Launch of the PMO Recruitment Framework tools and templates

Over the past 3 blog posts I have explored the steps that form the PMO and project team recruitment process.  The reason being that the rapid identification and onboarding of the right project resources is critical for the success of projects, programmes and PMO’s. You can read these posts using the links below: PMO recruitment…

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Quick Guide Project Management

New Resource: Quick Guide to Project Management

I am pleased to announce that as the ongoing commitment to adding value, a new resource has been added to the PM Majik Member’s area – Quick Guide to Project Management.  The resource is available to all member’s at no additional cost. What is Quick Guide to Project Management? The resource consists of: 6 Training…

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Running a project dependency workshop

5 steps for running a dependency workshop

The last post covered 5 activities that are needed for a dependency management process.  This included the important step of validating dependencies as, without confirming between the “giver” and the “receiver”, there is a high chance the dependency will not be honoured. There are different ways of validating dependencies.  This post will focus on the…

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Gantt chart showing project dependency

5 activities you need to manage project dependencies

In a perfect world, every project would exist a bubble where there were no constraints. All required resources (people, budget, facilities, technology, etc) would be available to suit the timelines defined by the project. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the benefit of this type of “bubble”. Therefore, the outcome of the project is…

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What is the difference between project and PMO templates?

If you search the Internet you will see a number of websites that feature project templates, PMO templates or both.  You may find that a page is titled PMO Templates, however upon visiting the page it then contains project templates.  Other descriptions seen maybe PMO Project Templates.  This can be very confusing, especially to someone…

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Project risk management

he post How to identify project risks, covered a number of techniques to identify risks.  Like with most things in project management, management of project risks is not a “one-off” event that you complete, tick the box and then file.  In order to effectively manage risk, you must have active project risk management. In order…

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Process for identifying project risks

How to identify project risks

PMO Risk Identification If you was to ask project managers or PMO practitioners what are the common causes for project failures you would probably get responses such as “scope creep”, “incorrect estimates”, “late delivery of functionality” and many more.  What these and the other causes will have in common is that they are all issues…

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