When I founded www.pmmajik.com, a core principle was to continually look to provide value to the member’s of the PM Majik community.

Therefore, I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Mega Project Template Pack 1.

What is the Mega Project Template Pack 1?

Templates are one of the core tools used by projects of all shapes and sizes.  The Mega Project Template Pack 1 is a collection of 225 templates that can be downloaded, updated and used to address a number of project situations including:

  • Agile
  • Budgets
  • Change Control
  • Charters
  • Communication
  • Dashboards
  • Planning
  • RAIDs
  • Schedules
  • and lots more…..

What is the benefit?

Anyone who has had to create their own project templates knows that this takes time.  In many cases time that could be better spent getting on with delivering the project, not in the design and creation of templates.

By having a collection of ready made templates, you can save valuable time.  When you have a particular requirement, review the templates within the pack, choose the one that is the best fit, enhance as required and you are ready to go.

Just think, if a template takes you 1 hour to develop, how much is that hour of your time worth?  What is the value to you by saving that 1 hour?

What do I need to use the templates?

All of the templates have been designed using Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word.  This is a tool widely used on a global basis meaning that you do not need to learn a new, complex software package.  Simply open the template you wish to use, make changes, save and you are ready to go.

How do I get the Mega Project Template Pack 1

The pack is valued at $37.

However, my aim is to deliver maximum value to those who support my work.  Therefore, this template pack is available as a bonus resource to all ESSENTIAL, PRO and MASTER members.  This means that if you join as an ESSENTIAL level member at a cost of $37, you benefit from all the current bonus resources plus the Mega Project Template Pack 1 that is valued at $37.

To find out more on the available memberships visit PM Majik Members Area.

What if I am already a PM Majik Member?

Good news – if you have an active membership, you already have access!

Simply login to the Member’s dashboard, select Xtra Bonus Templates and you will find the download link on this page.

Just want to purchase the Mega Project Template Pack?

If you do not want to take advantage of all of the value from becoming an ESSENTIAL Member, you can make a one-off purchase of the Mega Project Template Pack by using the link below.

>>Mega Project Template Pack – Special Single Purchase<<

Mega Project Template Pack 1 by PM Majik

To your PMO and project success!

PM Majik