PMO mission statement

PMO Mission

Following on from the post PMO Vision statement, this post will cover the topic of PMO Mission Statement.  Both are important and help when setting up a PMO. Difference between PMO
PMO Vision

PMO Vision

Over recent years, more and more organisations have decided to set-up PMO’s.  Some are purely for individual projects and programmes.  However, increasingly they are being set-up on a permanent basis. 
PMO assumption management

PMO assumptions

It is typical that when a project or programme is being planned, that the project manager has to make a number of assumptions in order to create the initial project
Project risk management

PMO risks and issues

This blog post will share thoughts on how to make PMO risks and issues real for stakeholders so that they take them seriously and take action. Context Most PMO managers and project
Project Reporting Calendar

PMO reporting frequency

PMO reporting frequency is often a topic of debate.  It is a balancing act to make sure that there the appropriate level of visibility of delivery activity while not creating
PM Majik

How to develop a PMO charter

Everyone involved in project management knows the importance of creating a solid project charter at the start of a project.  However, it is not so common to develop a PMO