Project business case

5 reasons why a project should have a business case

Learn the 5 reasons why every project should have a signed-off business case. Easy to follow guide.

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Evaluating projects

How to evaluate what projects should be stopped

Learn 6 easy to follow steps to evaluate which projects should be stopped. Includes a picture of an example project evaluation template.

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Reason to stop project

Reasons to stop projects before completion

One of the hardest decisions for any organisation to make is when to stop a project.  This is not where the objectives have been met and project complete, it is where the project is mid-flight and has not met the objectives.  This decision is hard for a number of reasons: Financial There will typically be…

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Stop making mistakes on project dashboards

8 mistakes to avoid on project reports and dashboards

A report or dashboard is only as good as the information it provides.  If it does not help the person reading the report, it will be seen as unhelpful and probably will not be used.  This means that it is a waste of time and effort for those reporting the report.  Likewise it creates the…

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conducting a project review

8 easy to follow steps to conduct a project review

It is common for senior executives to seek assurance that a project is on track and will deliver the benefits defined in the business case.  This is even more important if a project is very important to the organisation and cannot fail. The request is usually because: Project is in trouble and organisation wants an…

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Real project role model on monitor

The real roles and responsibilities across a project or programme

A project or programme contains a number of roles.  This can be confusing, especially to someone new to project management.  This post explains a number of the key project roles and how they all interact. The diagram below illustrates a typical programme governance structure.  You will see the PMO is providing support and guidance at…

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Project Dependencies on Plan

Project management tools – dependency management

Dependency management is a very important discipline for a project manager.  It is the “D” in RAIDs management. What is a dependency? In simple terms, a dependency is where a task, milestone or activity is dependent on another task or milestone being completed before it can start or be completed. It is possible for a…

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Project risk, issue and assumption management

For any project it is important for the project manager to capture and manage all of the risk, assumptions, issues and dependencies (known as RAID management) for the project they are running. If they do not then they are not doing their job properly. At this point it is worth clarifying the difference between an…

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Project status report

5 things you need on a project status report

A good project manager knows that the project status report is a great tool to communicate to senior stakeholders.  Given the benefit, it is important that the project manager maximises the impact. You organisation may or may not have a standard format for the report.  Either way, there are 5 things that you must communicate.…

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Business people reviewing project report

Why the project status report is a powerful tool

If you ask a number of project managers on their thoughts about project status reports, while a number will be very supportive and see the value, there will be a high number who do not!  Those who do not will probably describe status reporting as: Waste of time Takes focus from valuable delivery work Form…

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