PMO meeting agenda

PMO meeting agenda

A good PMO meeting agenda will help fill the empty seat at the regular PMO meeting! If you are managing a PMO with a number of work streams, it is highly
Person justifying need for PMO

Justification of a PMO

A common question that many PMO professionals get asked is to “justify the setting up a PMO”. This stems from the fact that a PMO costs money to set up
Pointing to the value of a PMO

What is the benefit of a PMO?

A very common question for an organization is “what is the benefit of a PMO”? The question is usually raised because somebody has been asked to set-up a PMO by
Dial showing PMO benefits

PMO Benefits Management Overview

It is interesting that in the majority of cases, a project or programme is launched in order to deliver some form of benefit. However, for some reason, many project managers