PMO assumption management

PMO assumptions

It is typical that when a project or programme is being planned, that the project manager has to make a number of assumptions in order to create the initial project schedule, budget, resource and benefit profile.  The reason this is necessary, is that in the early stages, a lot of the detailed analysis will not…

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Project risk management

PMO risks and issues

This blog post will share thoughts on how to make PMO risks and issues real for stakeholders so that they take them seriously and take action. Context Most PMO managers and project managers know that it is part of their responsibility to identify and manage the risks and issues.  The reason for this is that…

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Project Reporting Calendar

PMO reporting frequency

PMO reporting frequency is often a topic of debate.  It is a balancing act to make sure that there the appropriate level of visibility of delivery activity while not creating a bureaucratic process.  It is not in anyone’s interest where the projects are spending more time on reporting than on the actual delivery work. Unfortunately,…

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PMO conducting an environment scan for tools and processes

PMO tools – smart PMO’s conduct an environment scan

When you have been tasked with setting up a PMO, many of us want to get tools and processes up and running as quickly as possible.  This is a great attribute of a delivery focused person.  However, care is required as this desire usually means that our first choice is to implement tools and processes…

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How to develop a PMO charter

Everyone involved in project management knows the importance of creating a solid project charter at the start of a project.  However, it is not so common to develop a PMO charter when setting up a central PMO. What is a PMO charter? Very simply, a PMO charter describes the background purpose, objectives, organisation and services…

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Hand writing PMO purpose

PMO purpose, vision and design principles

Unfortunately, in many cases, when a decision is made to set-up a PMO, all attention turns directly to the activities that need to be set-up with no consideration to the purpose, vision and design principles.  When you think about this it is very strange, you would not start on any activity on a project without…

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Hybrid PMO

Description of a hybrid PMO

A quick overview of a hybrid Project Management Office that covers the majority of PMO’s between reporting and managerial.

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Pro-active PMO

Description of a managerial / pro-active PMO

An overview of a pro-active or managerial Project Management Office (PMO) – including the typical services they provide.

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Reporting PMO

Description of an administrative / reporting PMO

Simple explanation of the services provided by an administrative PMO (also known as a reporting PMO). The starting point for most project management offices.

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Project roles and responsibilities

PMO manager role and responsibilities

Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Project Management Office (PMO) manager in this easy to follow guide.

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