Over the last 3 posts, the topic of capturing and mobilising a Project Book of Work have been covered.  To conclude this series, I am pleased to announce that this post provides a Project Book of Work Template that you can download for free as part of this post!


The Project Book of Work Template will allow for the structured capture of projects.  This is very helpful when trying to build a view of the demand for a given year.  The template also features the following highlights:

  • Capture split of Mandatory & Discretionary projects
  • Automatic sorting based on priority
  • Application of risk factors to allow for budget / benefit overruns
  • Generation of useful graphs and summary tables that can be pasted into SteerCo’s, Status Reports, etc.

Template Tabs

Below is a list and overview of each tab in the template.  Full instructions can be found on the Instruction tab in the template.


This can be used to give details about the owner and date published.

Project Book of Work Header tab


This tab provides an instruction section for each of the tabs, many listing a field by field description.  The picture below is an extract of the list of instructions.

Project Book of Work Instructions tab


This tab is used to capture important static data points such as budget and risk factors that are then applied to the input and calculation tabs.  This provides great flexibility allowing you to model different risk factors to see the potential impact on project budgets.

Project Book of Work Static tab

Project Inventory Dashboard

This tab is automatically generated based on the inputs.  It presents key data points in the form of graphs and tables.  This is useful and can save time as these can be copied and pasted into reports i.e. SteerCo’s, Project Status Reports, etc.

Project Book of Work Dashboard tab

Data Summary

This tab is automatically calacultaed based on the inputs.  It presents different views of the data based on Mandatory and Discretionary projects split by a number of factors including risk factors and inflight / new.  This is useful when you want to review the data in a single view.

Project Book of Work Data Summary

Mandatory Projects

This is where details of the Mandatory projects are captured.  Data is entered into the Yellow fields and the remaining fields are calculated.  The user can set the Priority and Risk Factors.  The top section provides a summary split by different dimensions and shows if the demand is within the available budget.

Project Book of Work Mandatory Project input tab

Discretionary Projects

This is the same as the Mandatory Project tab but for Discretionary projects.

Project Book of Work Discretionary Project Input tab

Prioritised Project List

The final tab in the Project Book of Work template allows for the simple construction of a prioritised list of projects based on the inputs.  With Macros enabled, simply click the Priority List “Start” button and the list of prioritised projects will be built on the page.  The split is by Mandatory and Discretionary using the user defined Priority.

Project Book of Work Prioritised Project List tab

Project Book of Work Template Download

You can download the Project Book of Work Template by clicking the link below.

Free Download - Project Book of Work TemplateSummary

This template provides a structured framework for capturing a Book of Work.  It also allows the smary use of risk factors that will help improve the decision making on projects.

As with any template, think how you can adapt and make use of the ideas and concepts to help your objectives.  Templates can always be improved.

If you have some good ideas, please use the comments below to share with the PM Majik community so everyone benefits from shared learnings.

Small Request

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