For those who have invested the time to attain the Project Management Professional (PMP) that is overseen by the Project Management Institute (PMI), you should be fully aware that you need to re-certify every 3 years.

In order to recertify, you need to obtain 60 Project Development Units (PDU’s) over the 3-year period.  The good news is that you can gain up to 45 through working in project management and self-directed learning.  However, this still means that you need to gain 15 (or more) through other categories such as training from recognised providers.

The PDU’s need to be recorded online via your PMI account in order to be recognised.  When you have achieved 60 in the 3-year period, you then are presented the option to “Renew”.

The reason for raising this is that due to work and personal commitments, many people do not record the PDU’s they have earned over the 3 years until the last minute.  This then causes a mad panic creating unneeded pressure, especially if you have forgotten your PMI login and have not kept a record of the PDU’s that you have earnt.

It is very easy to avoid this becoming an issue and causing stress by a couple of simple actions.

PMI Account

You will need to log into your PMI account to claim PDU’s.  Therefore, you need to make sure you keep a record of the user name and password.  A good idea is to keep a record of account logins and passwords using an Evernote account so as not waste time hunting for login details or password.

Word of caution.  Make sure that you password protect the note books on your device just in case you lose your computer, password, etc.  If you do then someone could access the details through the Evernote programme / app.

Record PDU’s

Keep a spreadsheet or similar log of PDU’s.  This is easier to capture PDU’s as opposed to logging into the PMI account at the time of completion.  However, if you do have time to login and record at the time of completion, this will be the best approach.

The spreadsheet needs to capture the details of the PDU together with date completed, duration and number of PDU’s.  For recognised training (category C), you need provider number and PDU / training number.  This is important for category C as you need to enter this into the PMI interface to claim the PDU.

Make-up Shortfall

Make sure you do not leave it to the last minute to make up any shortfall as you will not have time to complete any required course, training, etc.

There are a number of training organisations who provide online PDU’s, usually delivered via presentation or video training.  Therefore, you should be able to find a course that provides access immediately enabling you to gain the required level of PDU’s.  Simply register, pay (if required) and complete the training.

A good method to avoid the mad rush to earn PDU’s near certification is to use a service such as PDU Podcast.  For a low monthly fee, you can receive a webinair that is worth at least 1 PDU each month.  Simply download to your computer, smartphone or tablet and watch at your convenience.  Great approach as you do not need to remember, the e-mail arrives each month and you can watch whenever you want, especially good if you have to commute to your job by train or public transport.


  • As with a project, make sure you plan the capture and recording of PDU’s.
  • Make sure you know how many you have, especially the ones that need to be achieved through training, etc.
  • Where possible record directly with PMI at the time of completion.  If not use a spreadsheet to record and enter as soon as possible.
  • Aim to complete the required training at a steady pace over the 3 years

Person upset as short of PDU's

I hope that this information is helpful and can help avoid a mad rush.  If you have any great tips for earning PDU’s please use the comments below to share with the PM Majik community.