Overview of the sprint retrospective process

Agile: Overview of Sprint Retrospective

Overview of the Sprint Retrospective that is conducted at the end of each Sprint when using Agile Project Management.

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Agile: Overview of Sprint Review Meeting

This article provides an overview of the Agile Sprint Review Meeting that is held at the end of each Agile Sprint.

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Diangram showing steps in agile sprint planning

Agile: Sprint Planning

This post provides and overview of Agile Sprint Planning including who is involved and the benefits and drawbacks…

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Example Agile Product Backlog

Agile: Product Backlog

A quick guide to the Product Backlog when using Agile Project Management. Includes the 4 core categories and structure of the backlog.

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Agile Product Roadmap

Agile: Product Roadmap

Overview of the Product Roadmap process when using Agile Project Management

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Defining product vision on wipeboard

Agile: Defining the Product Vision

This article provides a concise guide to defining the Product Vision when use Agile Project Management. It also provides a list of the benefits…

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The 12 Agile Principles

12 Agile Principles

An overview of the 12 Agile Principles that build upon the four themes of the Agile Manifesto. Simple to follow guide.

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Project stakeholders looking at screen

Role of stakeholders in agile project management

An overview of the different stakeholders involved in agile project management.

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The role of the product owner in agile project management

Role of Product Owner in Agile Project Management

The Product Owner adopts a management position and is often compared with the Project Manager role. The two roles are very similar, both have the same common goal; successfully completing the project. In Scrum however, it is the Product Owner role that is most appropriate as Agile methodologies are not compatible with traditional Project Management…

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Overview of lean project management

Overview of Lean Project Management

Lean project management originated in Japan with Toyota, who developed the Toyota Production System. Like many project management methods, it was developed for use on the manufacturing floor; however, it is now applied to many other functions. The overall purpose of lean project management is to improve processes and reduce waste. This helps to make…

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