example project dashboard

Simple PMO dashboard

The post PMO Dashboard, used the analogy of how a car dashboard to help think about the design of a PMO dashboard.  The key principle being, make sure that you have the dials and gauges that provides the information required.  The post also went on to provide an example of a heat-map to demonstrate how…

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Hitting reporting accuracy target

PMO tips – importance of presentation and accuracy

This post will share a very important tip that, as you can tell from the title, many may be thinking “I already know this”.  That statement is true.  However, it never ceases to be a surprise the number of poor presentations, many with data errors that still are given and used with senior management. Why…

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PMO project dashboard

At times it can be very confusing about the definition and purpose of the many tools and templates used in project management.  Therefore, building on the last post that covered PMO Reporting Framework, this post will cover the PMO Project Dashboard. What is a PMO Project Dashboard? This is typically a summary of all of…

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PMO Reporting Framework

A very important role of a project management office is to provide visibility of the status of all projects for which it has oversight.  This is typically achieved through the mechanism of a PMO reporting framework. This information is often used to update many stakeholders, many who will hold senior management positions.  Therefore, it very…

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Reviewing PMO monthly report

PMO Monthly Reports

The last post covered why it is helpful to establish a PMO reporting calendar so as to ease the task of collecting updates from all the project managers. So if you have been successful in putting this in place and all of the project managers are submitting their status reports, what next? You had better…

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Building PMO reporting calendar

PMO tips – PMO reporting calendar

As part of managing or working in your PMO do you find that it is a constant battle with the project managers to get timely project updates?  This is an experience everyone in a PMO has experienced at some point. Problem When you chase a project manager for the status update, it is not unusual…

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Project Reporting Calendar

PMO reporting frequency

PMO reporting frequency is often a topic of debate.  It is a balancing act to make sure that there the appropriate level of visibility of delivery activity while not creating a bureaucratic process.  It is not in anyone’s interest where the projects are spending more time on reporting than on the actual delivery work. Unfortunately,…

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PMO tracking project progress

PMO project monitoring and project tracking

Project monitoring and project tracking is a very important aspect of the responsibilities of a PMO.  In fact, regardless if a PMO is in place or not, project tracking must be done. Why you need project tracking and project reporting The reason for this is in order to ensure that a project is making progress…

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PMO Reporting

PMO tools – PMO reporting

Learn the important points you need in order to implement a solid project reporting process.

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Stop making mistakes on project dashboards

8 mistakes to avoid on project reports and dashboards

A report or dashboard is only as good as the information it provides.  If it does not help the person reading the report, it will be seen as unhelpful and probably will not be used.  This means that it is a waste of time and effort for those reporting the report.  Likewise it creates the…

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