Scaled Agile Framework - SAFe

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Guide to the Scaled Agile Framework Environment (SAFe). Including advantages and disadvantages of the framework.

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Searching for future Agile project trends

Future trends of Agile Project Management

Some thoughts on the future direction and trends for Agile Project Management.

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Agile Governance

Agile Governance

A quick guide to Agile Governance and the steps you can take to align an Agile Project to the overall governance required by your organisation.

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How PMO supports agile project management

How a PMO supports the Agile Project process

Overview and guidance on how a PMO can support the Agile Project management process in an organisation.

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Agile Status Reporting

Agile Reporting for Project Management

Overview of Agile Project Status Reporting. How you can use different Agile tools to enable the reporting of progress of your project.

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Agile communication for project management

Agile Communication for Project Management

Overview of the different methods for communication when using Agile Project Management.

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Seven wastes of lean

Seven Wastes of Lean

Overview of the Seven Wastes of Lean. Easy to understand simple guide.

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Value stream mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

An overview of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) including the 7 steps in creating a VSM. There is also advice on the benefits and potential pitfalls.

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Project Manager working out sprint budget

Agile Budgeting: Sprint Budget and Costs

Overview of the 6 steps involved in Agile Budgeting so that you can calculate your Sprint Budgets and Costs.

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Overview of Agile sprint velocity

Overview Agile Sprint Velocity

Overview of agile Sprint Velocity so that you can maximise the amount of through put for your agile project sprints.

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