Agile sprint release planning

Overview Agile Release Planning

Overview of the Agile Sprint Release Planning process to help you make the project release a success and learn for future sprint releases.

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Example of a cause and effect fishbone diagram

Analysis Tools: Effect and Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis Tools: Using the Cause and Effect method to understand complex problems so that action plans can be devised.

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Overview of the sprint retrospective process

Agile: Overview of Sprint Retrospective

Overview of the Sprint Retrospective that is conducted at the end of each Sprint when using Agile Project Management.

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Agile: Overview of Sprint Review Meeting

This article provides an overview of the Agile Sprint Review Meeting that is held at the end of each Agile Sprint.

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Diangram showing steps in agile sprint planning

Agile: Sprint Planning

This post provides and overview of Agile Sprint Planning including who is involved and the benefits and drawbacks…

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Example Agile Product Backlog

Agile: Product Backlog

A quick guide to the Product Backlog when using Agile Project Management. Includes the 4 core categories and structure of the backlog.

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Agile Product Roadmap

Agile: Product Roadmap

Overview of the Product Roadmap process when using Agile Project Management

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Defining product vision on wipeboard

Agile: Defining the Product Vision

This article provides a concise guide to defining the Product Vision when use Agile Project Management. It also provides a list of the benefits…

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The 12 Agile Principles

12 Agile Principles

An overview of the 12 Agile Principles that build upon the four themes of the Agile Manifesto. Simple to follow guide.

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History of Agile

History of Agile Project Management (and the Agile Manifesto)

A brief overview on the history of Agile Project Management as well as the core principles of the Agile Manifesto.

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