Seal of PMO Mandate

PMO mandate

A common, even number one reason that so many project management offices fail is because they are not given the right mandate.  A decision may be made to form a
Tips for PMO template design

More PMO template design tips

The recent blog post about pmo template design included guidance on designing templates.  However, there are some additional tips that are worth considering so as to avoid mistakes that could
Tips for PMO template design

5 tips on PMO template design

PMO templates are the core tools used by most project management office’s. A number of processes need to be implemented to capture, analyse and monitor data and the mechanism for

PMO RAG status for reporting

As mentioned many times before on this blog, reporting is one of the most important activities performed by a PMO.  The PMO usually provides: Status reporting of projects Status reporting
example project dashboard

Simple PMO dashboard

The post PMO Dashboard, used the analogy of how a car dashboard to help think about the design of a PMO dashboard.  The key principle being, make sure that you
Poiting to PMO good habits

PMO behaviours

Does your PMO define process for project managers to follow? Does your PMO issue templates to be completed? Does your PMO issue timetables of what should be done by
Team holding a PMO meeting

PMO team meetings

If the PMO you have built (or are building) has more than just yourself, you will need to make sure that your are communicating effectively as a team. With modern technology,
PMO contact list

PMO Contact list

It is often the simple ideas that can turn out to be the most useful, specifically a PMO and / or project contact list. It is a fact that it is