Benefit of Project Template Standardisation

Benefit of project template standardisation

A brief introduction on the benefit of standardisation when it comes to project delivery. Including how project templates can be a great time saver.

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Project manager ticking check boxes

Don’t be a tick box project manager

The project manager has to perform a number of duties in their role.  One of them is making sure that all the tasks and activities within the plan are completed at the appropriate time.  This is important as, if they are not completed according to plan, the project will be delayed. However, while it is…

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New project manager beware of the $99 project trap!

The $99 project – new project managers beware!

You made your career choice – project manager <tick>.  So being the professional you are, you invested time and probably money learning the trade, studying and passing your PMP exam.  A good feeling, I have training, showed I know what is involved by passing an exam so ready to go. You walk into your managers…

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PM Majik - a new chapter....

Project Management – a new chapter

Over the past 5 years this website has strived to provide thoughtful and insightful project management articles from leading practioner’s in their field, such as Elizabeth Harrin of A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.  Now the time has come to start a new chapter still following the ethos of providing project management articles that provide…

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