Person justifying need for PMO

Justification of a PMO

A common question that many PMO professionals get asked is to “justify the setting up a PMO”. This stems from the fact that a PMO costs money to set up
Pointing to the value of a PMO

What is the benefit of a PMO?

A very common question for an organization is “what is the benefit of a PMO”? The question is usually raised because somebody has been asked to set-up a PMO by
Dial showing PMO benefits

PMO Benefits Management Overview

It is interesting that in the majority of cases, a project or programme is launched in order to deliver some form of benefit. However, for some reason, many project managers
PMO change request checklist image

PMO Change Request Checklist

Project’s are unpredictable. A project manager never can fully predict what will happen over the project life cycle. However, what can be depended on is that there will be project
Guide to rapid PMO mobilization

Rapid PMO Mobilisation

The mobilisation of a PMO can appear daunting, especially if you organisation does not have an established PMO methodology and you have not set one up before. The objective of