Over the last couple of posts I have discussed the importance of highlighting the successes of the year.  Achievements from earlier in the year (Q1, Q2, etc) can easily be forgotten.  This started me thinking on all that has happened in respect of www.pmmajik.com in 2017.  So I thought it would be good to reflect on the achievements of the year.


Anyone who has followed my blog over the last couple of years will know that I am committed to providing a regular flow of topical posts.  Over 2017 I like to think I made a pretty good job on adding new posts almost on a weekly basis.

  • New blog posts in 2017 = 38

I am passionate about providing free content.  More importantly I want the information to be relevant to what the community wants to read.  It is for that reason I ask for anyone joining my free mailing list to complete a free and quick survey to let me know the areas they are interested in.

This is important as I use the inputs to help determine the themes for future posts.  So by spending 1 or 2 minutes completing the survey, you have the chance to get the topics you want covered featured in the future posts.

For everyone who has completed the survey, thank you.

If you would like to take part, please click the link below.

Take survey to provide feedback for future content to be added to website

Premium Frameworks

All member’s of the PM Majik Member’s Area know that I am constantly looking to enhance and add to the resources available in the member’s area.  2017 saw a number of enhancements and new resources.

  • PMO Maturity Assessment Framework
  • Gantt Chart Maker
  • Simple Guide to Project Management course
  • PMO Set-up Mini Course

These resources compliment the existing resources and, most importantly, provide a solid foundation for these activities saving members the most valuable asset of time.

PMO Manual Update

My book, the PMO Manual continues to be popular.  Earlier in the year I received the feedback that it would be useful to have an A4 portrait version as well as the landscape version.

As I started the work to reformat to A4 portrait, it also struck me that it would be useful to provide the PMO Manual in different formats.  This led to the creation of 3 different electronic formats and 2 printed versions.

  • PMO Manual A4 Portrait PDFformat
  • PMO Manual epub format (for iPhone and iPad)
  • PMO Manual mobi format (for Kindle)
  • PMO Manual A4 portrait printed normal binding
  • PMO Manual A4 portrait printed spiral binding

In line with my objective to deliver value, all electronic versions have been included in the single price of the ESSENTIAL membership for new and existing members meaning that the PMO Manual can be used whatever computer, tablet or smartphone you use.  This was a deliberate decision as it is common for other retailers to charge per each version.

I would also like to say a quick word on the spiral bound version.  I have just received the proof version of this book.  The reason for making this option available is that it allows the manual to fold flat without losing the page when you are working on a specific topic.  I know how frustrating it is when I am using a reference book when the pages don’t stay open.  You can even fold the manual back on itself, which is useful if space on your desk is tight!

The image below demonstrates this far better.

Examples of PMO Manual spiral bound positions



Bonus Content

I have continued to add bonus templates, videos and presentations to the member’s area for all levels of membership.  Again, if any member would like a particular item covered, please ask and I will look to add to the content roadmap.


When I reflect on the year, I am pleased with how the content and premium resources have grown.  I am also encouraged when I receive feedback.from members and visitors who appreciate the information.  The same applies with those providing feedback.  Delivering value to the community is paramount so feedback is always welcome.

On balance I am pleased with how www.pmmajik.com has developed and am excited for the plans I have to continue serving you all in 2017.