ChatGPT is a fun tool for a lot of us who’ve never encountered real AI in action before. However, it’s not just for fun. Once the newness wears off, you’ll find you’re left with little else unless you plan ahead. There are plenty of practical, actionable ways to use ChatGPT and other AI tools for project management.

Part of the way that you incorporate AI will depend on your projects, as well as the human team that you have. However, there are some standard things that ChatGPT can do that will help you streamline project management tasks of all kinds.

Planning and Preparation

You can use ChatGPT to help you with the planning of projects. Thanks to its ability to collect vast amounts of data, you can gather valuable insights on workload and resource allocation, previous project success rates and roadblocks, risks and potential concerns with new projects, and more.

Of course, you’ll still have to review this data and be the one making the informed decisions about how to move forward. Since the AI already did the hard work, you’ll be that much closer to being ready to move forward with your next project.

Knowledge Sharing and Documentation

ChatGPT can help with a lot of the pesky paperwork that comes with project management. This AI tool can generate drafts, outlines, and SOPs that you can refine and perfect before sending them off. You can curate meeting notes, store project information so your team can access it as needed, and so much more.

Just remember to double-check everything you get from the tool. Even ChatGPT itself warns you that “It’s crucial to review and proofread any important documents generated by AI. Also, remember that any use of AI in communication or decision-making processes should be disclosed to all relevant parties.”

In other words, make sure you’re using AI responsibly.

Task Delegation and Management

ChatGPT can also give you data that helps you better delegate tasks and get things done. You can gain insights on productivity and output, better manage your teams, and track all progress in one place so that you can ensure that everyone is on track with project goals.

This is also an excellent place to consider which tasks you can automate using ChatGPT or other AI tools. Scheduling, email campaigns, data cultivation, and other tasks that don’t require a human should be automated as much as possible so that your teams can do the work that needs their attention.

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Support

ChatGPT is a great tool for brainstorming and problem-solving. Because it has access to so much data and can process it quickly, this tool can help project managers make more intelligent decisions about projects and outcomes. It can also assist with problem-solving and identify potential roadblocks earlier than you might see them, saving time and trouble for everyone.

Use ChatGPT However It Works for You

These are all great ways to put ChatGPT to use in your project management. However, a lot of it comes down to how you want to use AIin your work. Consider all the ways discussed above, and feel free to research what else AI can do, and then see exactly which aspects you want to focus on.

Give yourself some time to work with ChatGPT and learn how it engages and responds so that you can make the most of how you use it. And if you’re not sure, you can even ask ChatGPT for more tips.