This will be a very quick blog post more for completeness.

In the last 2 articles covered the administrative and pro-active PMO’s.  Obviously these are the 2 extremes of a the PMO maturity model.

In many cases a PMO is implemented that is somewhere between these 2 models (or even one that starts of as administrative but then grows to take on more functions).

The common term for this type of PMO is a hybrid PMO.  Unfortunately, as this type of PMO can be anywhere between the 2 extremes there is not clean way of defining on what it does or does not include as scope.  However, a hybrid PMO will typically include all of the functions of the administrative PMO and then take on some of the following:

  • Manage and Change Control process
  • Pro-active risk / issue management
  • Facilitate cross dependency workshops
  • Facilitate cross programme communications
  • Increased level of review of deliverables and documentation

Not an exhaustive list, more to try and provide the type of behaviour of a hybrid PMO.  However, it should be clear that there are many types of project management office.  While many may start with a focus on reporting, most take on other activity as they mature