Gaining support for your PMO

Gaining support for a PMO

You may have been asked to set up a PMO or, you may have a strong desire to set a PMO up for your organisation as you believe (know) that it can deliver value. Unfortunately, many will not have the same view and this will greatly hinder or even stop the journey of setting up…

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PMO professional saying NO

Why as a PMO professional you should sometimes say “no”!

Before everyone working within a PMO starts saying “no” to every request that comes their way, below is a true story that demonstrates the right way to say “no”. There were 2 senior project managers, they will simply be referred to as Project Manager A and Project Manager B. Both had a lot of experience…

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You do not have to be a project expert in everything

You don’t need to be a project expert on everything!

You are probably wondering about the choice of title for this blog post? This is based on a number of observations over many years and seeing people feeling that they need to be an expert on everything to do with the project or PMO, as opposed to being smart and making use of the experts…

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PMO productivity tools for important information

Time is a scarce commodity for project managers, PMO managers well just about most people. It can be very time consuming (and extremely frustrating) searching for information or files that you know you have got but just can’t remember where. This post covers 2 applications that can help with PMO productivity. Add to this the…

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How a PMO can help get red projects back to green

How a PMO can help get Red projects back to Green

One of the main duties of a PMO is to provide transparency of the status (“health”) of each of the projects for which they have oversight. This is usually achieved by implementing a regular reporting process with a standard scale for reporting RAG. This provides a mechanism to capture projects where the status is deteriorating…

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How a PMO can leverage a post project review

How the PMO can leverage a post project review

The last post covered the role of the PMO in the post project review. This post will expand on this and cover how the PMO can help leverage the value achieved from the post project review. 1. Consistency By defining a standard approach (and templates) to the post project review, it will ensure that every…

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PMO team meeting

PMO tips – motivating your PMO team

Working in a PMO can be a very challenging role. On one side you have the stakeholders making demands for information and explanations, on the other you have the project teams responsible for providing the data inputs. The stakeholders usually expect their requests to be serviced immediately. The project teams can be very difficult, not…

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Adding numbers for project report

PMO Tip – make sure your numbers add up in your project management reports

This may sound like a strange statement, “make sure your numbers add up in your management report”. However, the fastest way that a PMO can lose credibility, is by publishing reports with mathematical errors. This is very frustrating as a small slip, taking your eye of the ball due to being busy and, a reputation…

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PMO tips - consistent project naming

PMO Tips: Consistent project naming convention

In the post, PMO Planning of Next Year’s Projects, it covered the importance of thinking about the mobilization of projects and programmes early so as to improve the probability of successful outcome. Part of the mobilization process is building a list of projects that an organization wishes to execute. To assist it is important that…

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Have you planned for the end of the year?

At the time of writing this post, on this coming Friday there are only 53 days to Christmas. However, more importantly it means that there is only 40 business days to Christmas. Pause and take a moment; that means that there is only 40 business days to complete important project activities for the remainder of…

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