Change control - impact assessment

Impact assessment of project change requests

This week’s post is going to cover step 2 of the project change control process, Impact Assessment. Identify change Impact assessment Review change request Approve / reject change Implement change You can read the overview post by visiting Overview of project change control process, where I covered the 5 core steps of project change control.…

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Scanning for project change

Identifying project change requests

Every project will be subject to some form of change over its lifecycle.  In the post, Overview of project change control process, I covered the 5 core steps: Identify change Impact assessment Review change request Approve / reject change Implement change This post is going to expand on step 1, Identify Change. Who can raise…

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Project Change Control

Overview Project Change Control Process

It is normal for a project to change at least once, or indeed many times over the duration of the project. This is logical as the project is subject to a number of internal and external factors, many of which are not under the direct control or influence of the project manager. Internal Examples Project…

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Project Standard Operating Procedures

The power of PMO SOPs!

Firstly please accept my apologies for the acronyms in the title. Hopefully everyone knows PMO – Project Management Office.  How about SOP? SOP stands for Standing Operating Procedures. What is a SOP? A SOP is a method of taking a complex (or simple) process and breaking it down into a step by step guide so…

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Investing in the missing ingedient for career development

New management and personal resources for change managers

Do you know it is possible to have many years project and change management experience but your projects still don’t go well? You can read project management books, complete training, attend seminars and still your sponsors never appear to be happy with how the project is managed. Unfortunately even being the proud owner of a…

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Rule of 1 in 60

Making sure that your project is on course

Over the past couple of weeks, the focus has been on the action that can be taken to ensure that projects land well with the end users or, what to do when they do not land well (see How to prevent your project from failing to Land and Action plan when your project does not…

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Don't underestimate the power of fear of project change

Why the PMO and Project team must not underestimate the fear of change!

For those of us who work in the project world, it is fair to say it is because we embrace, no we love change.  Nothing gets us motivated more than the opportunity, the challenge of taking an idea and turning it into a project so as to implement something of benefit. However, it is a…

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Considering if a project is small change

Criteria for identifying small change projects

Following on in the series on how to identify and manage small change projects.  The activity that falls between Business as Usual (BAU) and change.  See “How to provide visibility and reporting for small change projects“. One of the first challenges many people experience is how to know what is a small change project.  I…

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PMO change request checklist image

PMO Change Request Checklist

Project’s are unpredictable. A project manager never can fully predict what will happen over the project life cycle. However, what can be depended on is that there will be project risks, that if not managed correctly, will become an issue and will often result in a change request being required to reset the plan. Given…

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