Reviewing project change requests

Review of project change requests

This week’s post is going to cover step 3 of the project change control process, Review of Project Change Request. Identify change Impact assessment Review change request Approve / reject
Scanning for project change

Identifying project change requests

Every project will be subject to some form of change over its lifecycle.  In the post, Overview of project change control process, I covered the 5 core steps: Identify change
Project Standard Operating Procedures

The power of PMO SOPs!

Firstly please accept my apologies for the acronyms in the title. Hopefully everyone knows PMO – Project Management Office.  How about SOP? SOP stands for Standing Operating Procedures. What is a SOP? A SOP
PMO change request checklist image

PMO Change Request Checklist

Project’s are unpredictable. A project manager never can fully predict what will happen over the project life cycle. However, what can be depended on is that there will be project