Do you know it is possible to have many years project and change management experience but your projects still don’t go well?

You can read project management books, complete training, attend seminars and still your sponsors never appear to be happy with how the project is managed.

Unfortunately even being the proud owner of a professional project management qualification like PMP or PRINCE is not enough…..

Now this may sound strange.  You are taking the right actions and investing time, effort and often money in your professional development?  This is the case of the “missing ingredient”!

Missing ingredient

It is a simple fact that project and change management is a “people” business.

The project can only be successful if the people with the right skills work together in a way that enables the project to be delivered.  This means the project manager is responsible for managing, motivating, directing and leading the project team.

So the project manager needs to have many more skills other than understanding project management tools and processes.

The ingredeients needed include:

  • Leadership
  • Time management skills
  • Being able to motivate
  • Problem solving
  • Energy
  • Being able to manage stress
  • How to deal and bounce back from set backs

Unfortunately, in most cases, project and change professionals invest in their technical skills but overlook the softer skills that enable them to make the best use of their technical skills.

Sad fact

Most project and change professionals either do not understand or do not believe in the importance of these so called “softer” skills.  Therefore, they are not prepared to invest in developing them.

Then they are unhappy that they never feel that they reach their full potential.

You can be different…..

The good news, as with most things in life, you have a choice.

You can choose how to invest your valuable time.  You can ensure you are developing the full range of skills to develop your work and personal life.

New resources for all PM Majik members

I am pleased to announce that to help with the journey of self development, a new section has been added to the PM Majik Members Area that contains a number of e-books.

These are focused on the development of a wide range of skills that should enhance your skills.

The books are typically less than 100 pages and contain clear, simple guidance that can be easily actioned.

There are even guides on mind set and habit forming that should help embed the simple concepts.

Selection of management and self development e-books

How do I get access?

If you have an ACTIVE membership of any of the PM Majik Membership levels, ESSENTIAL, PRO or MASTER, you already have access.

Simply login to your Members Dashboard and you will find a new entry under Bonus Resources for the E-book Resources.  Click the link and then choose and view or download the resources.

Not a PM Majik Member?

If you are not yet a Member, or you have let your membership expire, all you have to do is select the membership you require, sign-up and within moments you will have access.

You can find out more by visiting the Members Area.


In order to become a well rounded project or change professional developing the “softer” skills is crucial.  Therefore, make sure you make the time to invest in YOU!