Embedding ESG in your projects

ESG in Your PMO: 5 Steps to Embed ESG into Your Projects

An easy to follow guide on 5 steps that can be taken to embed ESG into your projects.

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Building ESG into Projects

ESG in Your PMO: 5 Reasons It’s Important to Build into Your Projects

The importance of bringing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into focus within your project management office (PMO) can’t be overstated. ESG is becoming a priority for businesses, and we’ve got five reasons it is important for your projects. ESG can have positive effects on projects, your PMO, and the wider business. You need to…

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ESG in Your PMO: Refocussing on Good Governance in Project Management

ESG in your Project Management Office (PMO): Learn how to refocus on good governance for your projects.

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Building ESG into your projects

ESG in Your PMO: Understanding the Social Impacts of Your Projects

The work of your project management office (PMO) stretches much further than project teams and the clients who commission a project. Projects reach wide and deep into the world, so it’s important to understand the social impact of your projects. Understanding the social impact of a project and working to ensure that impact is positive…

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ESG Considerations PMO

ESG in Your PMO: Building Environmental Considerations into Your Projects

Why and how a Project Management Office (PMO) can build Environmental Conditions (ESG) into your projects.

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What Does ESG Mean for Your Project Management Office?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are a hot topic in the corporate world. You’re probably hearing conversations about it in many areas, but what does ESG mean for your project management office (PMO)? The trend towards businesses being more sustainable, ethical, and considerate of the future has been building for years. It’s now reaching…

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Does a PMO need a Project or Product manager

Does my PMO Need a Project Manager or a Product Manager?

A useful guide to decide if your Project Management Office (PMO) needs a Project Manager or a Product Manager?

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Product V Project Manager

Project Manager vs Product Manager: What’s the Difference?

Agile Project Management: What is the difference between a Project Manager V Product Manager?

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Driving PMO Profits

How to Drive Profits for Your Project Management Office

A quick guide on how to drive profits for your Project Management Office (PMO).

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Focus on PMO Returns

Driving PMO Profitability: When to Focus on Returns

Driving profitability of your Project Management Office (PMO) is important! But when is the right time to focus on returns?

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