How to stop your PMO failing

How to stop your PMO failing

The last post, Indicators that a PMO is Failing, covered themes to watch out for that your PMO may be starting to fail.  This post will provide some thoughts on
Providing a PMO service

PMO service offering

If you were asked “what does your PMO do?”, how would you answer?  Take a moment to think….. Do you provide reporting? Do you consolidate information? Do you provide standard
The 5 reasons why a PMO can fail

5 reasons why PMO’s fail

Many organisations now run an annual change budget.  This means that it is very common for the majority of change projects to mobilise in the first quarter (Q1) of the
Reviewing PMO RAG level guidance on tablet

PMO RAG status levels

It is expected that every project will report progress and status on a regular basis.  The reason for this being that the sponsor and other stakeholders want the comfort of