Hitting reporting accuracy target

PMO tips – importance of presentation and accuracy

This post will share a very important tip that, as you can tell from the title, many may be thinking “I already know this”.  That statement is true.  However, it never ceases to be a surprise the number of poor presentations, many with data errors that still are given and used with senior management. Why…

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Poiting to PMO good habits

PMO behaviours

Does your PMO define process for project managers to follow? Does your PMO issue templates to be completed? Does your PMO issue timetables of what should be done by when? Hopefully, in some shape or form you can answer yes and that is good.  Now for a really important question for making sure that they…

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Team holding a PMO meeting

PMO team meetings

If the PMO you have built (or are building) has more than just yourself, you will need to make sure that your are communicating effectively as a team. With modern technology, we are lucky that there are multiple channels to communicate globally by telephone, text message (SMS), e-mail, instant messaging, intranet, social media, reports, video…

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PMO contact list

PMO Contact list

It is often the simple ideas that can turn out to be the most useful, specifically a PMO and / or project contact list. It is a fact that it is the people that make a project successful (or not).  While skills and ability are very important, it is probably even more critical for success…

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Two change professionals talking in office

PMO training and mentoring

Over recent years there has been an increase in the number of people working in a project related capacity.  While some of this is as a result to an increase in the number of projects, it is also as a direct result of many organisations recognising the importance of setting up and approaching projects with…

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Setting PMO key performance indicators

PMO KPI’s (key performance indicators)

A question often asked is “what value does the PMO add”?  While the answer is “lot’s of value” (if the PMO has been set-up correctly), in many cases you need to back this up with some PMO success metrics (aka PMO KPI’s). What is a PMO KPI? It is an agreed set of indicators that,…

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New year resolutions for PMO

What will be the new year resolutions for your PMO?

Well the end of another year and most of us will be reflecting on the events and achievements for the year as well as the plans and goals for the year to come.  Many see the start of a new year as the opportunity to make new year resolutions on how we want to make…

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What does your PMO end of year report look like?

For those who have children, or those who can remember their school days, an important check on progress was the school report.  This was and still is produced at the end of the school year and provides a summary of a child’s performance for the school year.  This is great for the school as it…

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PMO performance – make sure you are measuring success

A common argument from project managers and senior management is that a PMO does not add value and creates bureaucracy.  This than can make it very difficult for the PMO to make progress, which results in limited value that can lead to the PMO being closed.  Obvious choice if you are a senior management, why…

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Implementing a PMO

Implementing a PMO to meet sponsor requirements

If you have followed the last 3 posts, you will have an understanding of why it is important to determine clear sponsor requirements, convert to SMART objectives, create PMO Vision and Mission statements to allow the definition of PMO design principles that are aligned to objectives.  All well and good.  Now the PMO needs to…

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