Creating a new project management office (PMO) is a different task from working in or leading an already-established one. When you’re tasked with setting up a new PMO, you may be considering using Agile consultants for your office setup and design.

Whether you don’t yet have the skills or experience to design and set up a new PMO or you need to get your PMO set up really quickly, bringing in an Agile consultant can help. You can focus on the skills you already have whilst also watching the design process and learning from it in the long-term.

To help you decide if setup and design Agile consultancy is a service you need, we’re going to explore:

  • Why you should consider Agile consultants to design and setup your PMO
  • What services you can expect when engaging an Agile consultant for setup and design

How can an Agile consultant help design and set up a PMO?

Getting your PMO set up and functioning can take a while, and you won’t necessarily have the luxury of time. There are great resources to help you start a PMO, but you may want to move fast or learn more.

If you’re considering bringing in consultants to help your Agile PMO get designed and started, they can help you:

  • Accelerate your learning and adoption: Consultants are experts with tried-and-true processes, meaning your design and setup will be faster, and you’ll learn the process along the way
  • Analyse the PMO setup you need: You may be new to the business as well as your PMO role, or not sure how to choose an approach – consultants can do this work with you or for you.
  • Reduce design and setup risks: Risk management is a key role of your PMO but it may get neglected as you set up your office; bringing in consultants can highlight and mitigate risks.

What can an Agile consultant offer during PMO design and setup?

Each Agile consultant you talk to will have a different range of services. It’s important as you consider engaging with one that you understand the services you need – and those you don’t – to make sure you’re investing only in the services that can add value.

Some of the activities that an Agile consultant can help with the design and setup process of your PMO include:

  • Organisational objectives – A major challenge for many PMOs is how to be and remain relevant to the business rather than being seen as a drag on spending and resources. The key to avoiding this is to plug in the business objectives to your PMO from the beginning, and an Agile consultant can help make this happen, with an outsider’s perspective on the business and the projects you’ll be working with.
  • Roles and responsibilities – Defining who does what and who you’re going to need to recruit can be tough, and that’s before you even start to think about hiring challenges. An Agile consultant can look at the PMO activities you want to work on and help decide the people and skills you need to hire for. Using a consultant for this step can also ensure your recruitment process is perceived as fair and unbiased.
  • Custom practices and processes – While Agile is a commonly used and effective methodology, it does need adapting to each PMO and use case. An Agile consultant will be an expert in the field and know how to adapt and diversify Agile practices to work with your business or office constraints and requirements.
  • Structure and governance – Good governance should underpin your office and your projects. Getting the structures right for reporting, accountability, and equity will stand your office in good stead for the future, but it can be tough to get right, which is where a consultant can help. With outside advice on how to make sure projects are run well and seen to be run well, you’re mitigating risks of poor decision-making.

Agile consulting for the design and set up process

At the very start of your PMO creation, it’s perfectly normal to seek support, guidance, and outside expertise from an Agile consultant. Using Agile consultants in your design and setup phase will give you a solid foundation to work on going forward with your PMO.