The creation of a new project management office (PMO) can be a big task to take on. With the availability of Agile consulting services, you may be considering how they can help align your new PMO’s strategy.

There are a range of consulting services that your PMO can engage to get things off the ground. Designing a strategy and aligning that with overall business goals is an important step in PMO creation, yet it can take time away from getting the work of governance and monitoring done.

To help you decide if you need Agile consulting services to help with PMO strategy, we’re going to look at:

  • The role Agile consultants can play in your new PMO’s strategy
  • How Agile consultants can help during the setup of your PMO
  • Why it can boost your PMO to bring in Agile consultants for strategy

What can Agile consultants do during PMO set up?

Setting up a PMO needs a lot of work, and you will have a range of tasks to get through before you can start functioning. Your strategy dictates where your focus will be and how you will prioritise the tasks you need to complete.

Oftentimes, you want your PMO to get moving quickly to support a project portfolio or suite of projects. Bringing in Agile consultants at the startup phase can help move things along in the setup process.

Consultants will have a suite of tools and systems in place to design a PMO strategy. They will know the meetings to hold, questions to ask, and tasks that need to be completed. What’s more, they will be solely focussed on that work, leaving you to get other elements of your office up and running.

Tasks that an Agile consultant can complete during your PMO setup

When you work with a consultant, you can set a broad or a narrow scope for what you want support with. Whether you just need help with strategy, the PMO design process, or the whole creation process, a consultant can take on the tasks you need.

You can engage a PMO consultant to:

  • Assess the current situation – you will need to understand what your PMO needs to accomplish and how it can play a role in the business strategy. Consultants can take a fresh look at the PMO needs and goals for you.
  • Design your Agile framework – the Agile framework you use will inform a lot of your future strategy and how you will monitor success. Getting the mix of processes and tools right with the help of an Agile consultant sets you up for success.
  • Create a roadmap – particularly if you’re switching methodologies or bringing together projects and managers with different ways of working. You need to have tasks and goals to implement Agile fully. Tasks and deadlines can be outlined by the consultants.
  • Lay down your KPIs – measuring success is vital for your office and the projects you work with. Agile consultants can look at what you want to achieve and what the business is expecting from your PMO and lay down targets and KPIs that will get you there.
  • Set up feedback processes – your PMO will thrive when you can get feedback on the way you’re implementing the strategy. There are different ways this will work, and an Agile consultant can help find the tools and processes that will work for your PMO.

Why do I need an Agile consultant to help with PMO strategy?

Bringing in experts to help get your new PMO set up can be a savvy move. You can take advantage of:

  • Ready-made solutions that get tailored to your needs
  • A faster setup process supported by people who have a wealth of experience
  • The right metrics and targets to suit the strategy you design together
  • A sharp focus on business and office goals and clear strategic alignment

Using Agile Consultants for New PMO Strategy

When you want to get your new PMO set up and functioning quickly, Agile consultants can help deal with office strategy and business alignment. You can then focus on getting your office set up and begin working with your project managers towards success.