Images of health and safety for remote working

Remote Project Management: Health and Safety

Remote Project Management: Guide to Health and Safety considerations when you are managing a project with remote resources or a team working from home (WFH)

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Examples of remote hardware for remote working

Remote Project Management: Hardware Requirements

Guide to Remote Project Management: Hardware requirements and considerations when you and your team are working from home (WFH).

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Remote project management team

Remote project management: Guide to working from home

Guide to Remote Project Management: A simple guide to managing a project while you and the team are Working From Home (WFH).

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Project resource management

Project resource management: demand and supply analysis

The most important aspect of a project is the people.  Without people (resource), then it will be impossible to complete the project.  That is why project resource management is very important. Resource management definition Resource management is the process in which you plan, schedule and allocate your resources to achieve maximum efficiency on your project.…

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PMO Recruitment Framework premium resource

Launch of the PMO Recruitment Framework tools and templates

Over the past 3 blog posts I have explored the steps that form the PMO and project team recruitment process.  The reason being that the rapid identification and onboarding of the right project resources is critical for the success of projects, programmes and PMO’s. You can read these posts using the links below: PMO recruitment…

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Preparation phase of project recruitment

Preparation steps for project team recruitment

In the last post I provided an overview of the end to end recruitment process for project team members, “Overview of project team recruitment management“.  This post is going to focus on the 4 steps involved in the preparation phase of the process: Demand Job Specifications Engage HR Approval to Recruit As with most things…

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Recruiting project team members

Overview project team recruitment management

In the artcile “What is the number 1 PMO tool?“, I covered why it was the “people” who were the most important tool for a project.  Without people nothing would be delivered. Given the importance of people to the success of a project, the identification and recruitment of resources is critical.  Over the coming weeks…

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Planning onboard of project resources

5 tips to help prepare for adding new project resources

Over the past couple of articles, the focus has been on the actions that can be taken to prepare budgets and be ready for the coming project year. This is important as most organisations work on an annual budgeting cycle.  This means that a PMO or project manager only has 12 months to mobilise and…

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Important to mentor project team members

Tips to keep your permanent project resources happy

In the last post, Tips to keep your contract project resources happy, it covered the important, and often overlooked subject, of making sure you take care of the contract staff who work on your project teams.  To complete the picture, this post is going to cover some of the important considerations for permanent project team…

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Project team working together

Tips to keep your contract project resources happy!

In the blog post, “What is the number 1 PMO tool?“, I covered why people are the most important PMO and project asset.  The reason being that without people (resources), the project activities will just not get completed! Now we could have a debate on the development in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  On…

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